One Eyed Mike’s manager plans new establishment

Jamie Hubbard, general manager of Fell’s Point’s One Eyed Mike’s, has plans to turn Pearl’s, a bar at 1900 Aliceanna St., into “more of a food-centric concept.”

Hubbard said that he will be owner-operator of the new establishment, though he will be partnering with One Eyed Mike’s owner Mike Maraziti on the project.

“We’re really just trying to take the business and turn it into more of a restaurant,” Hubbard told the Fell’s Point Residents Association a few weeks ago.

“We’re really just trying to create a place that caters to Fell’s Point, Canton and Butchers Hill.”

Hubbard says that he already has a “talented chef” lined up for the establishment, which he will call “Lobo.”

He said that there will be no new requests for outdoor seating or live entertainment.

Hubbard received support from both the Fell’s Point Residents Association and the Fell’s Point Community Organization. Last week, the Liquor Board granted Hubbard ownership of the liquor license.

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