Patterson Park’s Tennis Courts Have Really Gone to the Dogs

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The Patterson Dog Park

The Patterson Park Dog Park is scheduled to open within the next few weeks. The Guide caught up with Brianna Lindsay, vice president of the Patterson Dog Park Association, to learn more about the new park and what local dog owners need to know before they visit.

How long has the Patterson Park Dog Park been in the works?
There were several groups in the community interested in off-leash hours for their dogs, but our group, whose focus is on off-leash in a fenced area, has been working for about a year or so. Things really got rolling when our president, Luke Lichtenberger, singed a Memorandum of Understanding with the City in May.  

Where is the dog park located?
It’s at 200 S. Linwood Ave., where the southernmost tennis courts used to be. This location was chosen because it is close to parking, far from a residential area and near sources of water and electricity.

What are the highlights of the new dog park?
We have a fenced dog run, with separate areas  for small dogs, and area for large dogs. It has turf hills, boulders, a waste station, and a hose head for drinking. It will also have benches inside and landscaping and trees surrounding it.

What are the responsibilities of the PDPA?
We maintain the park, hose down the synthetic grass surface daily, hose down the hard surface as needed, and provide a point of public contact for comments, questions, and complaints. We have to buy a hose, poop bags, and a storage shed.

When will the dog park open officially?
We do not have an “official” day at this time. We are waiting for word from the city. But we anticipate having a formal opening, ribbon cutting and celebration on a Saturday in December. Check our Facebook page for details.

What should area dog owners do if they want to become involved?
We’re always looking for volunteers to take on official roles on our board of directors and we will be having park clean-ups once a month after the park opens. We will announce these via our email list and facebook.

Where can area dog owners learn more about the operating rules of the dog park?
They can visit our web site at

Note: Dog owners wishing to use fenced in dog runs are required to pay an annual fee and register each dog with the Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter (BARCS) at 301 Stockholm St. The fee for the “fenced run” tag is $20 or $10 for seniors. Visit for details.

by Danielle Sweeney

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