Permit parking abolished in Canton; spaces for rent

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Area 43 is, all but administratively, a thing of the past, and other residential permit parking areas in Canton will likely be forbidden for at least the next five years.

The City Council voted to support its Land Use and Transportation Committee’s unfavorable report on Bill 12-0125—the Area 43 bill—at the City Council meeting on Monday, January 28.

The other residential permit parking bill, bill 12-0102, which changes the RPP regulations throughout the city, was voted on favorably at Monday night’s City Council meeting. Bill 12-0102 contains 21 amendments, one of the most notable being a five-year moratorium on the creation of residential permit parking areas in Canton—the neighborhood bounded by Eastern Ave. to the north, S. Haven St. to the east, Boston St. to the south, and S. Patterson Park Ave. to the west.

That amendment was added by Councilman Jim Kraft.

Bill 12-0102 goes to the third reader, along with bill 12-0125, at next Monday’s City Council meeting: February 4.

According to Councilman Jim Kraft’s office, Area 43 won’t be officially history until after that final vote.

When that occurs, the practical timeline for Area 43’s dissolution will be determined by City Council and the Parking Authority.

“The signs will be legally meaningless as of Feb. 5, “ said Kristyn Oldendorf, Kraft’s Chief of Staff.

“We are informing Parking Enforcement of this and will ask them to ignore the Area 43 signs—which means that they should not be ticketing non-permitted cars. We are requesting to have the signs removed as soon as possible after the vote, but realistically, the removal of signs can sometimes take a while.”

With Area 43 rescinded, Cantonites living closest to the Can Company may have an even harder time parking on the street.

To remedy the situation, the Can Company has agreed to rent out100 spaces in its parking garage, according to TaVida Rice, Can Company property manager.

Rice said the retail-office complex came to this agreement with representatives from the Canton Community Association, the representative for RPP Area 43, and Councilman Kraft, about a month ago.

The Can Company will not be managing the rental process, however, said Rice. The Canton Community Association will be.

Darryl Jurkiewicz, president of the CCA, confirmed that the organization will be administering the space rental.

“The parking spaces are on the second floor of the Can Company and will cost $50 per month. I think that’s a reasonable price,” Jurkiewicz said.

Space renters will be able to park from 6 p.m. until 7 a.m., Monday through Friday, and all day on the weekends. Cars not removed by 7 a.m. weekdays will be towed—as will vehicles with hang tags indicating expired leases on the parking privilege.

When asked whether Area 43 permit holders will have preference to rent the spaces, Jurkiewicz said, “Nothing is written in stone at the this point.”

“But to be fair,” he added, “I think everyone who lives on the north side of the Can Company should—including [those in ] Area 43.”
Jurkiewicz said the association hopes to be renting spaces within a week or two and individuals interested in renting should contact the CCA at

by Danielle Sweeney

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