Personality scores at tryouts

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Lawson Montgomery of Baltimore shows his ability to hype up fans by leading the “Charge!” Photo by Bill Lear.

The Orioles held their tryouts for ball girls and ball boys last weekend. These folks, who at 18 and over aren’t really “boys” or “girls,” are responsible for fielding foul balls and representing the team to fans.

Sixty to 70 hopefuls tried out this year; of those, a dozen will be called back for face-to-face interviews. Six men and women will be finally be hired, with two working each home game.

During the tryout, hopefuls walk in front of a camera and state their name and why they want to be a ball person to the judges. They then field ground balls and practice leading fans in the “Charge!”

“Personality is just as important as the ability to field a ball,” said an Orioles official.

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