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Filippo’s is on Facebook, but it’s far from the only change that owners Joe Tripolitis and Donald Rainey have made to update and modernize the establishment since taking over in the fall.

Coming soon? A full bar.

“We actually got our liquor license last week,” says Tripolitis.

The bar part of the business is still in the formative stages. Filippo’s already sells beer and wine, but cocktails and liquor are a month or two away.

In the meantime (and even once the bar gets going), it’ll still be the same old Filippo’s that folks in Highlandtown have known and loved for years.

Lots of years. Namesake Filippo Amadeo founded the establishment in the 1970s. The original restaurant was across the street, but moved to its present location at 418 S. Conkling Street later, according to Tripolitis.

At one time, he adds, there were multiple locations in the area. (One other Filippo’s currently exists in Dundalk, but Tripolitis and Rainey are not associated with that establishment).

Since taking over on September 1, the men have “tweaked the menu a little and made it better,” but the popular repertoire of Italian dishes as well as pizza, burgers, wings, sodas and subs is still the same.

They still do delivery, and are working to establish delivery of alcoholic beverages along with the regular menu. Filippo’s also sells package goods.

When the bar is up and running, look for them to add finger foods, bar snacks and more.

“I want to attract everyone around the neighborhood, but also some Canton people,” says Tripolitis. “We’ll be able to do happy hours on Fridays, and things for football when there are games.”

Because of the nature of the license and the business, he is looking forward to being “one of the few places that can sell alcohol on Sundays.”
Tripolitis grew up in Highlandtown and Greektown, he adds, “and there was never anywhere to go on Sundays.”

The bar space exists in the restaurant, but hasn’t been used for several years. Tripolitis says that he and Rainey are looking forward to changing that.

“We’re working on that right now,” he promises. “We’re interviewing people.”

In the meantime, there’s always Facebook.

Note: Filippo’s is located at 418 S. Conkling Street. Its phone number is 410-327-4550.

by Mary Helen Sprecher

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