Police ask for help identifying suspect

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The Baltimore Police Department is asking for the public’s help in identifying a robbery suspect. Anyone with any information on the male possible suspect or female accomplice pictured below is asked to call 410-396-2422 or 410-396-2429 and speak to the police. Anyone who offers information may remain anonymous.

On Wednesday, Oct. 10, at about 9 p.m., a female was walking on the 2200 block of Essex St. She told police that she observed a man approaching from the front. As she got closer, he told her to get on the ground. She got to her knees, and he took her briefcase, purse, wallet (with cash and credit cards), and sunglasses.

The suspect is a black male, approximately age 25, 6-foot-2, thin, and was wearing a black hoodie with the hood over his face, dark jeans, and dark shoes at the time of the robbery.

The photographs below were taken that same day, about 45 minutes later, at a Target in Middle River, where the possible suspect and female accomplice used the victim’s debit card, police say.

The female accomplice, left, accompanied by the possible male suspect.

The male who allegedly used the victim’s credit card at a Middle River Target store.

2 Comments on "Police ask for help identifying suspect"

  1. Michelle Tucker October 23, 2012 at 6:34 am · Reply

    First off we as people need to stop stereo typing people u don’t know anything about these people this man could have good church going parents and got caught up in peer pressure of the world & no I’m not sayin IF they did this they don’t need to be punished but its funny how people want to say all violence is in the city it’s funny how since the 1st day of school all the violence have been in the county school I was always told its not where u live but how u live I was born and raised in east Baltimore & my two kids were also my boy is gone off to college and my daughter is a school teacher and has started her own catering business people do need 2 take there street back and maybe some could start helping these young kids with some positive activities cause some parents r single working & trying to do their best but need HELP

  2. Jack Mayoffer October 21, 2012 at 1:13 pm · Reply

    Its incidents like these that keep me out of the city. Chances are that this low – life had his female accomplce waiting in a car nearby to make a quick escape into the County. Its unknown whether or not this thug had or displayed a weapon, but the odds are that this unsuspecting victim was targeted. As a former cop I can tell you that the MO of these creeps is to cruise the area looking for a easy target. I would suspect that this is not their first robbery, and the Police need to excercise due diligence in apprehending this pair before they come up against someone who resists, or a citizen who is armed and dispenses the kind of justice they really deserve. The video from the Target Store needs to be closely examined, including the parking lot to determine a vehicle description. Be certian that these two pieces of excrement live in the Essex / Middle River area of the County, and will continue to prey on the residents of Fells Point & Canton until caught. Someone knows who these suspects are, but the chances of them coming forward are rare. This incident sends home the reality that the Police cannot protect its citizens 24 / 7. More folks need to arm themselves and take back their neighborhoods. Surely this madness needs to stop. If just one armed citizen stands up and takes one of these creeps out, that will send a meaasge to these thugs that we are not going to take this kind of crap anymore.

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