Police seeking tips from residents on recent incidents

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WANTED FOR QUESTIONING-The Southeast District Detective Unit of the Baltimore Police Department is seeking John Robert McCollough for questioning.

McCollough, a white male, age 33, 5’8” tall and weighing 180 pounds, is wanted for questioning in reference to a burglary in the 3300 block of Toone Street. The incident took place in mid-March.


McCollough’s last known address was in the 3200 block of O’Donnell Street. He may still frequent that area; however, police are asking for tips from anyone who sees him anywhere.

Those who see McCullough or who may know where he can be found are asked simply to call Det. Lisa Hinkley at Southeast DDU at 410-396-2429.  Do NOT approach or detain McCollough and do NOT attempt to discuss the matter with him. Firearms were taken from the house in the course of the burglary.

The Southeastern District also reminds individuals that as the weather warms up, residents may want to leave windows open to catch breezes. Be advised that burglars lurk in neighborhoods and wait for such opportunities. In fact, many burglars gain access through windows, including those in second and third floors of buildings, and those supposedly blocked by air conditioners.


INFORMATION WANTED-A man has asked the Guide for help locating witnesses in a vicious attack that took place in Canton, within a block or two of the corner of East and Foster avenues, between 11 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. on St. Patrick’s Day.

The man, who asked that his name not be used, was hit in the head and beaten. His skull is fractured in three places and he has some memory loss about that night. He asked that his name not be used and The Guide is respecting his request.

His story:

The man and his girlfriend stopped by O’Donnell Square on St. Patrick’s Day but did not stay. “It was craziness everywhere,” he said. The couple kept walking to Fells Point.

They returned in a cab at about 11 p.m. The cab dropped them off at East and Foster. The man and his girlfriend were arguing while walking home and she walked off ahead of him. “We do that sometimes,” he said. “We will argue, one of us will go on ahead and we work it out later.”

That is the last thing he remembers.

Someone, or someones, came up behind him and clobbered him with something hard, then beat him badly. He came to a few blocks down the hill, and he has no recollection how he got there. He was not robbed. He called a friend on his cell phone and met up with him in the parking lot of the Seven-11 on Boston Street. An ambulance took him to the hospital from there.

The reason the victim knows people saw his attack is that someone stopped his girlfriend as she walked home and said “Wow, did you see that guy get beat up?”

“She didn’t know it was me, and she didn’t think anything about it,” said the victim. “She went home.”

The man is asking anyone who saw the attack to come forward. Call Jackie Watts, editor of The Guide, who will connect witnesses with the victim. The number to call is 410-732-6603. Witnesses may also email editor@baltimoreguide.com.

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