Popular Southeast police officer Starr retires

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Ron Furman, owner of Max’s Taphouse and a former president of Fell’s Point Main Street, thanks newly retired beat cop Ron Starr for 38 years of service in Baltimore’s Southeastern District.

A well-respected beat cop has retired after 38 years. Officer Ron Starr, 67, was honored in Fell’s Point last Thursday, at the ceremony which kicked off the Waterfront Partnership’s presence in Fell’s Point.

Ron Furman, owner of Max’s Taphouse, told the assembled group that Starr reminds him of the Norman Rockwell painting “The Runaway,” in which a big police officer is looking kindly but firmly at a young boy seated next to him at a diner counter.

“Ron came from a time when beat cops knew everyone in the neighborhood, naughty and nice,” said Furman. “Thanks for 38 years, buddy.”

“It has been truly a labor of love serving the city of Baltimore,” said Starr, “especially the men and women of Southeast Baltimore.”

“It is my Camelot,” he added.

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