Protect this house from hunger

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Hungry Marylanders miss 78 million meals a year.

The Maryland Food Bank tries to reduce that number, and now that the holidays are over, and we’re into the next tax year, it’s harder for it to raise money to feed the hungry.

The National Football League, General Mills and a little band of Fells Pointers are trying to help. And so is The Baltimore Guide.

We are looking for people to pledge money to the NFL’s Kick Hunger campaign. We’re hoping to do a little good and bolster civic pride.

The NFL’s Kick Hunger campaign runs up until the Super Bowl, and fans can make a donation in support of their favorite team. It’s no wonder that Baltimore leads the NFL with more than $6,000 raised. Nancy Longo, chef-owner of Pierpoint Restaurant, avid Ravens fan and community booster, is trying to raise $12,000. She has put quite a bit of her own money into the kitty and other businesses in Fells Point are chipping in.

All of the money, every penny, will go to the Maryland Food Bank, and all of the money is tax-deductible.

Kate Sams, director of communications for MFB, says that one dollar will provide two meals.

And the Ravens are playing the Houston Texans on Sunday at 1 p.m. This constitutes a fundraising opportunity.

So I am personally pledging a dollar per point scored by the Ravens’ offense on Sunday, and two bucks per point scored by the defense and special teams. Baltimore beat the Texans 29-14 in Week 6. I’m hoping for more this week. I’m hoping the Ravens put a serious dent in my disposable income. Ed Reed is due for a Pick Six, isn’t he?

I am hoping that Guide readers will join in the campaign by pledging some amount of cash— per point, or donating some amount to kick hunger and keep Baltimore on top of the donations list.

Make a donation online by visiting and click on “Join the Kick Hunger Challenge.” Then click on “Support a Team.” From there you can donate with a credit or debit card.

If you don’t want to contribute online, send donations to The Baltimore Guide, 526 S. Conkling St., Baltimore, MD 21224, or drop by, say hi, and donate. Every penny donated in the Ravens’ name benefits the Maryland Food Bank. And here’s a fun fact: General Mills is matching dollar for dollar. So if you donate $20, General Mills donates $20, and that’s 80 meals to the Maryland Food Bank. That’s a lot of Cheerios.

One thing to consider: The Ravens were knocked off the top perch in the fundraising contest last night, when Falcons fans dropped $10,000 into the kitty for the Atlanta Community Food Bank. The Ravens are second with $6,001, but not far behind is Pittsburgh with $4,251 for the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. And not that much farther down the list, in fifth place, is Indianapolis with $1,380 for Gleaners.

Here’s a not-so-fun fact: 24 percent of Maryland Food Bank clients have to choose between food and medical care. And we’re not talking about the idle here. We’re talking about elderly people on low, fixed incomes. We’re talking about people who are laid off in this awful economy. We’re talking about the working poor.

Please join your neighbors in this fight. Join us and pledge.


by Mary Helen Sprecher

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