Real Estate Transfers

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April 4, 2013
522 S. Newkirk St.; $199,900; Transition Property Solutions to Mikel Williams
2826 E. Baltimore St.; $379,500; Clearwater Properties LLC to Kathryn Vaselkiv
414 Water St.; $174,196; John Decker to Henry Decker
116 N. Port St.; $19,500; Patterson Park Community to Jeffrey Harris
675 President St.; $707,500; David Rosen to Shinde Patil
2913 Hudson St.; $165,700; Gregory Hamill to Elizabeth Rainier
514 S. Rose St.; $275,000; Chesapeake Investment LLC; Lindsay Barron

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April 5, 2013
312 S. Bouldin St.; $235,000; Sharp Urban Design LLC to Caitlin Spratt
513 N. Patterson Park Ave.; $5,500; Mayor and City Council to C&P Continental Construction
509 N. Montford Ave.; $3,000; Mayor and City Council to Ghassem Chatrchi
105 N. Belnord Ave.; $149,000; Ronald Muschel to Jacquelyn Boyce
113 N. Belnord Ave.; $106,000; Secretary of Housing and Urban to Christopher Brida
322 S. Chester St.; $100,000; Geoffrey Bain to Jorts & Rico LLC
1000 Fell St.; 625,000; Henderson’s Wharf to Bryce Turner
1110 S. Streeper St.; $430,000; John Rose to Paul Rabil
533 S. Chester St.; $242,500; Cara Ricci to Zachary Greene

April 8, 2013
1 S. East Ave.; $260,100; Noteworthy Commercial Finance to Charles Swayzee
3 N. Kenwood Ave.; $130,000; Eugene Franklin to Lauren Jenkins
414 Water St.; $186,954; Marcia Bowen-Ericksen et al to Marcia Bowen-Ericksen
220 S. Regester St.; $150,000; Yong Lin to Jennilee Bertrand

April 9, 2013
516 N. Bouldin St.; $25,000; Robert Luce to Chankhok Singh
728 S. Lakewood Ave.; $185,000; Daniel Petkov to Christopher Weich

April 10, 2013
446 Elrino St.; $55,650; Spencer Johnson to Balomas Properties LLC
328 S. Lehigh St.; $55,000; George Pikounis to Equity Trust Company Custodian
3609 Gough St.; $25,000; Daniel Pasko to Oneil Development Group LLC
243 S. Bouldin St.; $259,000; MD Houses LLC to Mark Linehan
3236 O’Donnell St.; $320,000; Douglas Glair to Gary Stapleton
614 Ponca St.; $57,000; 614 Ponca Street LLC to 614 ST LLC.
4107 Highland Ave.; $70,100; True North Asset Management LLC to Summit Holding Group Limited
36 N. Ellwood Ave.; $130,000; ELizabeth Stiles to 2 S. Potomac Street LLC
17 N. Bradford St.; $ 67,000; 2009 DRR-ETS LLC to Visions Built LLC
2125 Orleans St.; $45,500; Skyline NH Res 3 LP to Atokpan Properties
2013 Eastern Ave.; $131,250; L Bar W Management LLC to Matthew Luongo
310 S. East Ave.; $216,500; John Curry Jr. to Jonathan Kerr
112 S. Ellwood Ave.; $205,500; Michael Kirby to Ervin Armstrong
3139 Fait Ave.; $459,900; D Carey Development LLC to Robert Purcell Jr.
1004 S. Potomac St.; $340,000; Tadeusz Para to Alexandria McPherson
1217 Dockside Cir.; $475,500; Charles Parsons Jr. to Ira Gottlieb
603 S. Glover St.; $224,900; Brett Carroll to Tara Ryan

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