Real Estate Transfers

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January 18, 2013
105 N. Milton Ave; $215,000; 827 Carolina Associates LLC to James Tyner
403 N. Rose St.; $0; Delbert Lair to Patricia Lair
246 S. Exeter St.; $0; Jennie Baranowski to John Foster
1000 Fell St.; $242,000; Henderson’s Wharf to Anat Chemerinski
810 S. Robinson St.; $0; Joseph Lisiecki to Mary Lisiecki
2901 Boston St.; $1,800,000; Reed Cordish to Robb Merritt
2307 Fleet St.; $255,000; Blueprint Development LLC to Kristian Castro

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January 22, 2013
3331 E. Monument St.; $0; Thomas Brazett to Dorothea Grant
30 S. Kresson St.; $33,000; Joseph Kuhn to Vladimir Khalimovsky
300 Hornel St.; $99,900; Jared Becker to Liren Yang
3430 Leverton Ave.; $95,000; Lyons Properties LLC to JR & DC LLC;
601 S. Bouldin St.; $389,900; 83 Investors LLC to Julene Peters
6106 Danville Ave.; $194,900; Frank Scarfield to Craig Dennis
6726 Graceland Ave; $42,000; Secretary of Housing & Urban to Juan Henriquez
2926 Erdman Ave; $33,600; Andrew Osazuwa to US Bank National Association
2036 E. Fayette St.; $22,000; Tax 2006 LLC to Brex Investments LLC
923 Stiles St.; $112,500; Charles Ursone to Charles P. Ursone
1901 Gough St.; $245,000; Robert Ignatowski to 1901 S. Gough St. LLC
2334 Cambridge Walk; $416,000; Samuel Schaffzin to Lance Rhodes

January 23, 2013
121 S. Clinton St.; $71,500; Federal National Mortgage to Ralph Duvall
3704 Fait Ave.; $130,000; Lavern Riggs to Michael Posko
930 S. Conkling St.; $235,000; Thomas Knight to SBBO LLC
928 S. Conkling St.; $235,000; Pauline Knight to SBBO LLC
11 N. Glover St.; $50,000; Hint of Glover LLC to Equity Invest LLC
125 N. Bradford St.; $89,900; Caleb Peterson to Tyler Quinn
2118 Orleans St.; $149,000; Amida Properties LLC to Terah Suggs
7 S. Broadway; $118,000; Socorro Vidanes to Poverni Ventures LLC
104 S. Wolfe St.; $105,000; Ralph Guy to Generation Mortgage Company
431 S. Robinson St.; $133,000; New Canton Development LLC to Hillside Homes LLC
237 S. Robinson St.; $252,000; Mason Properties Inc to Kelly Wilchinski
3131 Foster Ave.; $460,000; D. Carey Development LLC to Brandon Lytle
2702 Lighthouse Point; $183,600; Suite 626 Properties LLC to Carrie Frizell
804 S. Glover St.; $355,000; 804 S. Glover St. LLC to Scott Hirschheimer
2714 Harris Lane; $296,000; Christopher Barrick to Federal National Mortgage
2524 Fleet St.; $150,100; Federal National Mortgage to Sara Fowler
2418 Fleet St.; $228,300; John Matheis to Igor Vishnevetsky
610 S. Patterson Park Ave.; $127,000; Fadi Hamideh to Adib Ouri

January 24, 2013
3401 E. Fayette St.; $89,900; 101 Geneva LLC to Scott Hale
515 S. Macon St.; $43,400; Jason Gomes to Louis Sigalas
1247 Broening Hwy.; $39,500; Secretary of Housing and Urban to Jose Castro
519 N. Linwood Ave.; $94,113; Deborah Everett to Federal National Mortgage
712 N. Collington Ave.; $71,260; Stannard Properties LLC to Lyons Properties LLC
723 N. Chester St.; $10,000; Teskin LLC to Ahmed Construction & Home
810 N. Milton Ave.; $79,513; Stannard Properties LLC to Lyons Properties LLC
6 N. Luzerne Ave.; $250,000; 6 Luzerne LLC to Joseph Maher
226 N. Patterson Park Ave.; $117,000; The Davis Family Revocable Trust to PNC Bank National Association
2439 Jefferson St.; $86,691; Stannard Properties LLC to Lyons Properties LLC
441 N. Montford Ave.; $110,000; Habitat for Humanity to Junior Destiny
414 N. Robinson St.; $67,314; Stannard Properties LLC to Lyons Properties LLC
675 President St.; $215,000; Edward Moreno to William s. Swartz
1914 Bank St.; $270,000; Matthew Nusinov to Weichert Relocation Resources
1634 Shakespeare St.; $0; Mark Barbaro to Shakespeare Street LLC

January 25, 2013
914 S. Conkling St.; $0; Bethany Bunce to Armando Cunha
136 N. Duncan St.; $274,900; Chester Street Associates LLC to Timothy Miralles
815 S. Milton Ave.; $0; Nina Vaughan to John Mehigan

January 28, 2013
3810 E. Pratt St.; $27,000; Josephine Pietogiacomo to 58 Water Street LLC
506 S. East Ave.; $329,900; 822 S. Conkling Street LLC to Howard Budner
2903 Fait Ave.; $107,500; Elizabeth Piskor to 2903 Fait Ave LLC
2130 Cambridge St.; $205,500; DTD LLC to Amanda Wormann

January 29, 2013
735 S. Macon St.; $273,970; NVR Inc to Sarah Kyle
729 S. Macon St.; $293,618; NVR Inc to Christopher Sibinski
235 S. Macon St.; $256,160; NVR Inc to James Webber
2506 E. Baltimore St.; $276,000; Richard Pasko to Flagship Acquisitions Trust
240 N. Milton Ave.; $141,500; Mohammad Farooq to Management Restoration Services
218 S. Robinson St.; $196,000; Suzanne Clark to Sally Bistok

January 30, 2013
3418 E. Pratt St.; Duane Currier to Duane Currier; $51,297
310 S. Bouldin St.; $229,900; Sharp Urban Design LLC to Nomiki Pastrikos
3409 O’Donnell St.; $225,000; Rex Tingle to Aurora Loan Services LLC
915 N. Streeper St; $0; June Smith to Patricia Smith
2634 E. Baltimore St.; $120,000; Casa Hermosa LLC to Brian Chance
144 N. Milton Ave.; $80,000; Sarah Halbritter to Casa Hermosa LLC
1120 S. East Ave.; $257,000; Roush Group LLC to Michael Decastro

January 31, 2013
357 Elrino St.; $87,500; Stella Blusiewicz to Bo Wang
404 Hornel St.; $92,000; Mark Tate to Bo Wang
132 S. Bouldin St.; $0; TJG LLC to 132 South Bouldin Street Land
501 Tolna St.; 4138,000; James Caminis to Allison Seigle

February 1, 2013
3219 Fleet St.; $0; Jonathan Maddox to Charles Maddox
600 S. Curley St.; $0; David Ennis to Daniel Ennis
403 N. Castle St.; $89,000; M&M Evergreen LLC to Michael Krause
3030 O’Donnell St.; $0; Eric Berman to Helene Berman
2419 Boston St.; $0; Bernard Eckert to John Eckert
2427 Eastern Ave.; $122,000; Ronald Zellers to Utku Turhanoglu

February 4, 2013
136 N. Curley St.; $53,500; Kfir Catalan to Eric Bloodsworth
829 S. Linwood Ave.; $54,534: Mary Koch to Mary Koch

February 5, 2013
224 S. Bouldin St.; Brian Czarski to Stone Financing LLC; $165,000
1000 Fell St.; $474,000; Nicholas Coutros to Michael Gill
513 S. Regester St.; $200,000; Joan Ward to Christakis Solomonides
137 S. Potomac St.; $42,800; Alpha Properties LLC to Newman Properties LLC

February 21, 2013
2024 Bank St.; $129,900; Melita Yearwood to Ralph Duvall

January 29, 2013
1624 Thames St.; $365,000; Commercial; Chios Properties LLC to Alogos Investments LLC

February 1, 2013
6581 Eastern Ave.; $380,000; Commercial; SB Baltimore 471 LLC to 6801 Backlick Road LLC
217 S. Central Ave.; $286,800; Industrial; Hetzworks Inc to Hetz Building LLC
1637 Eastern Ave.; $475,000; Commercial; Jeffrey Tessmer to Wide Eyed LLC

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