Reverse-angle parking is wrong turn for city

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Editor, The Guide:

I have read your article on reverse-angle parking. I have driven over a million miles and parked in many different ways.

Reverse-angle parking on narrow streets such as Montford Ave., Essex St. and others that are not major thoroughfares might be okay.

A street as wide as Conkling St. is a bad street to back into because you have to go over two lanes, especially if you have a large SUV or truck next to you. I have had the misfortune to be next to one and the cars coming south on Conkling St. did not give me the opportunity to park. They all went around me in a hurry.

When we pulled in head first to park, it was easier to get out of the space because your brake lights light up and you can see much easier. In fact cars would stop on many occasions and let you out.

I think that whoever came up with the idea of backing in to park on Conkling St. does not live around here.

In 59 years we never had all of the problems that people who don’t live on Conkling St. are trying to change.

Andrew C. Bauer

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