Rice optimistic new deal will get done

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Appearing on CBSSports.com’s Pick-6 Podcast, running back Ray Rice expressed his confidence in the Ravens that a new deal would get done for him.

Rice is in the final year of his contract and is scheduled to be a free agent in 2012.

“I think the Ravens are going to do the right thing … with the contract situation,” Rice said. “I’ll leave it in their hands.”

It doesn’t appear the Ravens are in a rush to re-sign Rice, though. It could become a similar situation to what happened with defensive tackle Haloti Ngata this year. The Ravens want to keep both Rice and quarterback Joe Flacco and could place the franchise tag on Rice for 2012 while working out a deal. Then in 2013, the Ravens have the opportunity to franchise Flacco to buy more time to work out a long-term deal with him.

Speaking of Ngata, Rice was asked how dominant he thinks the defensive tackle is.

“I’ve got a rule with Haloti,” Rice said. “Do not touch me in practice. Please don’t touch me. I’ve got to play on Sunday. Do not touch me in practice. We are friends. We are teammates, Haloti.”

Other Rice quotes:

On if he uses his 2008 NFL draft scouting report, which said he was too slow, had no breakaway speed and was too small, as motivation: “I used everything. They said I didn’t have breakaway speed. They said I couldn’t run fast. I ran a 4.42. And then they said I couldn’t catch and all the other things. One thing about it is I was happy they said those things against me. One thing that leaves you a chance to prove. If you come into the NFL the perfect back then what else is left to prove. I needed to come in with a chip on my shoulder. All right, keep telling me what I can’t do, something I’ve been told my whole life, so I can go ahead and prove over and over again that I belong here and I’m here to stay.”

On Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward’s DUI in the offseason (as well as other celebrity/athletes DUIs in general), which he criticized previously on Twitter: “The NFL does a great job having other guys drive your own car. They have a program that helps it. I think it’s something you have to be responsible with. You have to have a plan before you go out. I’m not saying don’t go out, don’t drink. Guys drink. That’s what a good night does. But be responsible. Don’t be a sloppy drinker and put somebody’s life at risk on the road. I’m not perfect, and no, I don’t drink during the season. But if I decide to have on when the season’s over, I guarantee you I’m going to have a driver.”

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