Rice wants Torrey Smith to pay him back for lost TD

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OWINGS MILLS — Ray Rice still wants his steak dinner.

On the first play from scrimmage against Pittsburgh on Sunday, Rice ran 76 yards into the end zone, hushing the rowdy Steelers fans momentarily.

But the run was called back due to a holding penalty on rookie receiver Torrey Smith. Rice told Smith he owed him a steak dinner following Baltimore’s 23-20 win, despite the fact Smith probably made up for the penalty — and his four drops — with his game-winning touchdown reception.

“I am still depressed in Torrey Smith right now,” Rice said, jokingly. “I just told (senior vice president of public and community relations) Kevin Byrne that he didn’t call me. I still could be in a state of depression.”

Rice added, “That was probably the longest run in Pittsburgh Steelers history at Heinz Field. There is a lot at stake, Torrey. You didn’t even call to check on your boy. I still love you, Torrey. I am going to get you back one day.”

The play itself, though, came under scrutiny when replay showed Smith in front of Steelers cornerback William Gay while driving him forward. His arms didn’t look to be outside of Gay’s shoulders. But Gay channelled his inner basketball skills and appeared to flop, which imitated a hold.

The flag was thrown and the 76-yard rushing touchdown was thrown out.

“I argued that (Gay) should get you dinner for his Oscar Award,” Smith said. “It was a tough one. He and (fullback) Vonta (Leach)

Grubbs’ toe holding up

Left guard Ben Grubbs’ said his turf toe injury hasn’t suffered any setbacks since playing on it Sunday night.

He took a painkiller shot to battle through the game. Grubbs’ presence gave a noticeable difference to Baltimore’s pass protection.

“It’s not any worse but it still hurts,” Grubbs said. “I think I’m able to maintain it and will be able to continue playing.”

If all goes well for Grubbs this week, he’s expected to be back out there for Baltimore’s game against Seattle this Sunday.

“The guys said we needed you out there,” Grubbs said. “But I needed them out there. In that time of healing I was in a rough place, man. I couldn’t wait to get back out there and was glad I was able to.”

Grubbs has only appeared in two games this season — both against Pittsburgh. He’s 2-0 against the Steelers.

“I’m a Pittsburgh specialist,” he said, smiling.

Suggs continues to ‘ball so hard’

Terrell Suggs generated a lot of buzz with his Sunday Night Football introduction.

Instead of announcing his name (Terrell Suggs) and where he attended college (Arizona State), Suggs said, “Sizzle. Ball So Hard University.”

Sizzle is Suggs’ nickname that his teammates and coaches refer to him as. But for those unfamiliar with the rap song “Ball So Hard,” by Jay-Z and Kanye West, it was a mystery as to what Suggs was saying.

The term “Ball So Hard University” was trending on Twitter for about 48 hours after he said it. So on Wednesday, in Suggs fashion, he showed up wearing a “Ball So Hard University” t-shirt.

Here’s Suggs’ explanation for using the phrase on Sunday Night Football: “It really started because I said ‘Dahni and Duke University.’ Those are my children and (the commentators) kept saying it was my parents and they kept messing up. So I said, ‘You know what? I’m going to do something different.’ I just so happened to be listening to the song going into the interview and ‘Ball So Hard University’ was born.”

Lewis fined for hit on Hines Ward

Linebacker Ray Lewis said the NFL fined him for his helmet-to-helmet hit on Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward.

Lewis didn’t disclose the amount of the fine, but ESPN reported the league levied a $20,000 penalty for the hit.

“You definitely respect them trying to protect players’ safety,” Lewis said. “But at the same time, it won’t change one way how I play this week.”

By Jason Butt

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