Seniors petition for use of Patterson Park Casino building

Joann Scanlon, in scooter, circulated the petition with Evelyn Hemmeter. Both are members of the John Booth Senior Center.

Some members of the John Booth Senior Center are circulating a petition to get use of Patterson Park’s Casino building.

“Our senior center needs more room,” reads the petition. “They need to be able to have access to a nicer environment.”

“The seniors need to be able to be in the Casino,” it concludes.

The petition was circulated at last week’s senior event in Patterson Park, the “Ravens Rock, Orioles Roll and Baltimore Wins Healthy Fit Seniors Bowl,” by John Booth Center members Joanne Scanlon, 72, and Evelyn Hemmeter, 84.

“I’m walking around trying to get people to sign this and talking to people before it gets too late,” said Hemmeter.

“I’m her bodyguard,” joked Scanlon. “One thing about seniors is if you don’t give them something to do, they dry up and blow away.”

Currently, the Patterson Park Working Group is trying to come to a consensus that allows seniors access to programming in the Casino building, or possibly the Virginia Baker Recreation Center, also located in Patterson Park.

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