Shooting for championship, Patterson Basketball gets vertical

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Patterson point guard Aquille Carr hasn’t had the luxury of a big man to clean missed shots off the glass or to feed the ball down low.

Enter 6-foot-10-inch Leonard Livingston, a tall, lanky center who transferred from St. James School in Hagerstown. Livingston is a high school point guard’s dream: He’s tall, athletic and possesses a versatile game. Carr’s hoping Livingston’s addition can help make both of them, as well as the team, much more well rounded this season.

The Patterson Clippers, with the help of Leonard Livingston, will be a threat to competition this year. Livingston holds early offers from Seton Hall, but is getting plenty of interest from other schools as well. Photo by Jason Butt

“It’s my first time in high school having a big (center),” Carr said. “It’s helped me out a lot. He can do a lot. He can rebound, block shots, he can jump, he can shoot. He’s really got the whole package.”

At St. James, Livingston averaged 10 points, 13 rebounds and eight blocks per game last season. If he comes close to replicating those stats with Patterson, the Clippers will be in good shape this year.

“I might not be the biggest but I’m going to go after every rebound I can get,” said Livingston, who weighs about 190 pounds.

A season ago, Carr admitted that at times he would try to do much by himself on offense. This season, he’s dedicated himself to get his team more involved, and Livingston is definitely someone who Carr, the Clippers’ all-Metro point guard, would like to work in on offense.

But Livingston, familiar with Carr’s game from fall leagues, has plans to play his game to make Carr’s life on the court easier.

“It’s going to open a lot of things up for him,” Livingston said. “Most of the time when he’s driving, he doesn’t have anybody to come clean up for him. That’s what I do.”

Livingston holds an early offer from Seton Hall but is also being looked at by schools such as Virginia Tech, BYU, UNLV and South Florida.

Patterson coach Harry Martin said scouts from Maryland stopped by recently to take a look at the big fellow.

One thing Livingston has noticed already is that practices with Patterson aren’t what they were like at his old high school.

“The practices are a lot harder so I’m trying to get used to these practices and get in shape,” he said.

After the first week of practice, Livingston is as confident in his new team as Carr is. Carr said that if Patterson doesn’t win a state championship then “something’s wrong.” Livingston feels the same way.

“We have everything that you need on this team,” Livingston said. “We have shooters, we have attackers and we have rebounders.”

by Jason Butt

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