Signs of hope at Camden Yards? Give us your opinion

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Adam Jones

Adam Jones snags a fly ball. Photo by Shawn Levin

There is nothing like a first-weekend-in-May sweep of the Red Sox to shake off the April depression of Orioles fans. Golly, that felt good!

The sun is shining and there is hope and opportunity in the world.

Let’s tear down the statue of Babe Ruth—what has he done for us lately?—and put up Ty Wigginton instead! All Ty has done is play every infield position except shortstop, played pretty much full-time since April 10 and he is hitting a ton, leading the team in average, on-base percentage and slugging. (I am not counting Felix Pie here, because he is laid up with a back injury, and we might not see him till July or later.)

Miguel Tejada is coming on too. I can’t say he’s the Miggy we knew and loved five years ago, but he’s playing and adjusting well at third base. It’s just that we might have to put him on a Segway to run the bases by the end of the season—his right leg looks very painful.

Brian Matusz, the rookie on the starting staff, leads the team in wins—in fact he is the only starter besides Brad Bergesen, he of the 10.57 ERA, to boast any wins at all. Kevin Millwood and Jeremy Guthrie, who have pitched very well, are winless.

All this is by way of saying: It’s going to get better. It has to. If things keep going as they have, the Orioles will finish 43-119. That is just unthinkable. It can’t happen. That is 1962 Mets territory, and we can’t go there.

So while we dream of better days with a complete lineup including Brian Roberts and Felix Pie—that could happen in July, perhaps—and a bullpen that is not quite as awful as it has been so far, join us in our new Bird House and share your thoughts and impressions of the 2010 Baltimore Orioles.

We asked a question last week—”Based on the Orioles’ recent performances, where do you think they’ll place in the American League East this year?” and reader Andy Mindzak, an expert on all things statistical and a real, optimistic, tomorrow’s-another-day fan, answered.

“Oddly enough, their issues this year revolve around their offense. Usually were used to hearing about their horrendous pitching staff, but with Kevin Millwood being pretty decent and Brian Matusz pitching very well, the onus falls on their offense,” he wrote. “Currently they are hitting .241 as a team (24th in the league) and are next to last in scoring with a God-awful 70 runs so far this year (that’s 3.18 runs per game if you’re counting at home).

“If you want to get technical (you don’t really have a choice, because I’m going there) they are hitting a pathetic .193 with runners in scoring position which is dead last in all of baseball. I think once Brian Roberts comes back (hopefully sooner than later, although he seems to be having some setbacks with his stomach) he can spark that offense. Adam Jones isn’t helping matters much with his .204 average, and when Ty Wigginton is your team leader in average, you know something isn’t right. Nick Markakis seems to be turning his early season slump around, so hopefully that will spread throughout the team. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!!!!!”

Fun question of the week: Since the Orioles swept Red Sox Nation last weekend, have we proved once and for all that steamed crabs are better than boiled lobstah?

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—by Jacqueline Watts
With a special assist from Andy Mindzak
Photo courtesy of Shawn Levin Photography

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