Southeast Crime: Man picks up woman in bar; woman picks up his wallet in hotel

2300 block Orleans St., Saturday, April 7, 2:49 p.m.: A man walked into a Jiffy Lube station, stuck a gun in the cashier’s side and said “Give me all you got.” When the cashier was slow to respond the gunman said “I am going to shoot you.” The suspect, described as a black man, in his 40s, medium height, medium build with a scar over his right eye, made off with an unknown amount of cash and the cashier’s cell phone, worth $150. The cashier was not injured.
2400 block E. Fairmount Ave., Monday, April 9, 9:30 p.m.: Two men jumped a man walking home and stole his iPhone, house and car keys, and his wallet containing credit cards and $80 cash.
3400 block E. Baltimore St., Tuesday, April 10, noon: A man told police that he was waiting for a bus at Highland and Baltimore, finished his coffee and walked into an alley to throw the cup away. He was confronted by two men who forced him to the ground, kicked him in the back and stole his wallet. They removed cash from his wallet and threw the wallet back to the victim. Police noticed that the victim had been drinking and when they interviewed him, he could not remember the time of the assault. At the beginning of the interview the cash lost was $550; the victim later claimed $150 and by the end of the interview it was $95.
Carjacking: 1400 block E. Fayette St., Monday, April 9, 5:15 p.m.: A car salesman took a test drive with a prospect in a 2002 silver Honda Civic. The prospect pulled into a gas station and got out of the car “to buy cigarettes.” When he returned the prospect became a suspect by trying to pull the keys from the ignition. When the salesman resisted, the suspect added aggravated assault to the list of charges by punching the salesman and pushing him out of the way. When last seen the Civic was traveling west on Fayette St.

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Aggravated assault
1600 block Aliceanna St., Saturday, April 14, 2:20 a.m.: Police responding to a report of a bar fight found a man bleeding from cuts to his eyes. He said that one suspect punched and kicked him and gave a description to police but could not describe the others there. The victim was taken to the emergency room for treatment.
4100 block Fleet St., Saturday, April 14, 12:15 a.m.: Two men and a woman, all in the 40s  and homeless, were bedding down for the night on a loading dock when the men started arguing. One of the men picked up a cane and the men struggled over it; the victim managed to get the cane away from the suspect, who then pulled out a box cutter and slashed the victim’s neck. The two men fell on the woman, who then was cut in the side. The victim managed to walk up the street to a convenience store to call police. Police arrested Richard Donaldson 47, of no fixed address.
200 block N. Lakewood Ave., Sunday, April 8, 8:50 p.m.: Police arrested a drunken man who had been begging at a bus stop, and when refused, got enraged and attacked a man by swinging his belt with a heavy buckle at him. The victim refused medical treatment. Police arrested Alberto Fuñes of the 300 block N. Kenwood Ave.
2800 block Hudson St., Monday, April 9, 4:57 p.m.: A woman had been evicted from a shared apartment, and returned to get her things. There was an argument and the evictee attacked the victim with a stainless steel drying rack, causing cuts and bruises. Police arrested the suspect outside the house.

300 block Elrino St., Thursday, April 12, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.: Sometime during the day someone broke into a house by kicking in both the back door and basement door. Nothing was stolen but the doors were recently installed at a cost of $450 each.
300 block S. Newkirk St., April 6-12: At some point during the week someone tried to break into a house by prying the basement door, but did not gain entry.
2500 block Orleans St., Tuesday, April 10, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.: At some point during the day someone tried to get into a house by kicking the basement door.
2000 block Fountain St., Thursday, April 12, 8 a.m.-1 p.m.: Someone tried to pry open the door of a house but failed to get in. Nothing was stolen, but the door frame was damaged and the locks would not work.
1700 block Dundalk Ave., April 11-12: Sometime overnight someone broke into a garage and stole a longbow and a scooter.
Unit block S. Chapel St., Tuesday, April 10, 9:41 a.m.: A man snoozing on his couch awoke to find a suspect halfway though his rear window. The suspect fled with the victim in pursuit and escaped down Baltimore St.
800 block S. Belnord Ave., Monday, April 9, 11:45 a.m.: Police responding to a call of suspicious behavior arrested three youths ages 14, 16 and 17 who were trying to break into a house. They kicked the back door of the house but ran when they saw police; police cut off their escape from the back alley. The 14-year-old was found hiding in the back yard of a nearby house. Police also recovered a pair of black fleece gloves and a black knit cap.
3300 block E. Fayette St., April 10-11: Sometime overnight someone entered a bedding store and stole a Craig DVD player, 22-inch Toshiba TV, XBox game system and various DVD movies, together worth $939. There was no sign of forced entry. Police have a suspect in mind.
6500 block Detroit Ave., Wednesday, April 11, 6:45 a.m.-3:10 p.m.: Sometime during the day someone broke into a house through a side window and stole a Vizio Blue-ray player and two movies.
600 block N. Clinton St., Monday, April 2, 1-2 p.m.: Someone broke the lock from a garage door and stole a 1992 Pontiac Sunfire, value unknown. Police are looking for the former owner of the car, who turned it in at a dealership for scrap and received $300 in return, for questioning.
3000 block Hudson St., Monday, April 9, 7 a.m.-5:40 p.m.: Sometime during the day someone kicked open the rear door of a house and stole several men’s watches and a .40 caliber Sig Sauer handgun that was in a locked gun case.
200 block S. East Ave., Monday, April 9, 4:30-10:30 p.m.: Someone broke into a house through a second-floor rear window and stole a 44-inch television, sneakers, clothing, a PlayStation 3, together worth $1,350, and $540 cash.
700 block S. Lakewood Ave., Tuesday, April 10, 8 a.m.-7 p.m.: Sometime during the day someone broke into a house through the basement door and stole a laptop computer and cash, together worth $750.
3100 block Dillon St., Monday, April 9, 6:43 p.m.: Sometime during the day someone broke into a house and stole rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and other jewelry worth $1,695 from a woman, $1,880 worth of jewelry from one of her roommates and $8,755 worth of jewelry from a third roommate. Total loss was $12,330.

600 block S. President St., Friday, April 13, 1:50 a.m.: A hotel guest went drinking in Fells Point, and while he was out he met a woman whom he took up to his room at the Hilton. Before going back to the hotel the pair stopped at an ATM where the man withdrew $100 cash with the woman standing next to him; he later said she could clearly see him enter his PIN. They went to the hotel room, stayed a while, and the man and woman parted company. When he was done drinking at another bar, he realized that his debit card and a credit card were missing from his wallet. By the time he froze the accounts the cards had been used to purchase $240.54 worth of merchandise and withdraw $400 cash.
6800 block Eastern Ave., April 11-12: Someone stole the central air conditioning unit from an office building.
200 block International Pl., Wednesday, April 11, 12:30-6:30 a.m.: A restaurant chef told police that he cleaned his station and left his Fuguhiki carving knife worth $488 in its box. When he returned to work the next morning it was gone.
1300 block E. Fayette St., Thursday, April 12, 3 p.m.: A woman told police that someone she knows stole two gold chains, together worth $800, from her purse. Police advised her to seek a criminal summons.

Larceny from Auto
This is a mere sampling of goods from various vehicles parked in various places.
A case of gatorade
A rear license tag with new sticker
A breathalyser,
Two handicap hang tags
A bottle of perfume

This week’s Southeast Neighborhood Watch was compiled by Jacqueline Watts.

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