Southeast Crime: Police impersonators still at large; Suspects robbing, assaulting victims

100  block S. Grundy St., Friday, May 4, 4:30 a.m.: A man told police that as he was walking two men pulled him into an alley, said “Give me your money,” pushed him to the ground and rifled his pockets. The thieves made off with $225 cash.
400 block N. Milton St., Tuesday, May 1, 3:13 a.m.: A man was going to his baby’s mother’s house when two men confronted him, pulled a handgun, said “kick it out. Give me everything in your pockets!” and robbed him of his wallet containing bank cards and driver’s license, car keys and a Boost cell phone, together worth $80.
1500 block Lancaster St., Monday, April 30, noon: A man out walking was confronted by a man who demanded his cell phone. Another suspect grabbed the victim’s Android cell phone from his hand and the pair fled toward Harbor East. Police dispatched patrol cars and the Foxtrot helicopter but could not find the suspects.
3900 block Baltimore St., Monday, April 30, 12:10 p.m.: Two police impostors driving a silver Ford Crown Victoria forced a female motorist to stop. One of them “searched” the woman, grabbing her breast and buttocks, and the other searched her car and her purse. They flashed a small badge that did not look like a Police Department badge. They made off with $247 cash. The first suspect is 6 feet 3 inches tall, medium build, with dirty blond sideburns, light brown goatee and wearing a red baseball cap that said “Maryland” with the Terrapin symbol. The second suspect is is white, 6 feet tall, muscular, with a shaved brown military hair cut.
1800 block Lancaster St., Wednesday, May 2, 1:30 a.m.: A man was hit from behind by two suspects who threw him to the ground and kicked him, saying “stop fighting, bitch, this is going to get better if you just stop fighting.” The suspects rifled his pockets, stole his iPhone and headphones and ran north on the 700 block S. Wolfe St.
100 block S. Chester St., Sunday, Apr. 29, 9 p.m.: Two women were held up at gunpoint. The suspect took their handbags which contained their wallets, credit cards, house and car keys and cell phones and ran. They gave chase but could not catch up to him.

Aggravated assault
1800 block Gough St., Saturday, May 5, 1:30 a.m.: A man told police that his girlfriend physically assaulted him during an argument. She hit him in the jaw and scratched him with keys. She was arrested.
3500 block E. Baltimore St., Saturday, May 5, 2:03 a.m.: Three men got into an argument in a bar, and then the two eventual suspects left the bar. The eventual victim followed them to the 200 block S. Conkling, where the suspects turned on him and slashed his face with broken glass. A witness shouted that she would call the police and the suspects fled. The victim was taken to the emergency room for treatment.
4900 block Eastern Ave., Saturday, May 5, 4 p.m.: A man at a cookout turned to find another man holding what looked like a black handgun at him. The victim covered the muzzle of the gun and the suspect fired. The victim took a hack to Sinai Hospital for treatment, where doctors recovered a BB from his hand.
400 block N. Glover St., Friday, May 4: A woman told police that he ex-boyfriend, whom she knows as “Casper,” cut her on the leg during an argument over money that “Casper” owes her. She told police that she does not know the suspect’s name.
500 block N. Robinson St., Tuesday, May 1, 8:35 p.m.: Two men argued, and one ordered the other, a guest, to leave his house. The guest became upset, grabbed a knife, and stabbed the victim in the right temple. Police later located and arrested the suspect.
2700 block E. Fayette St., Sunday, April 29, 2:38 a.m.: A man threatened a woman with a kitchen knife during an argument. Police arrested the suspect and advised the victim to apply for a protective order.

800 block Fagley St., Saturday, May 5, 11 a.m.-7:45 p.m.: Someone entered a house through the front door and stole a 40-inch Hitachi television set worth $1,400. The victim told police that two men besides her have keys to the house; there was no sign of forced entry.
100 block S. Patterson Park Ave., May 4-5: Sometime overnight a man allegedly crawled through an open front window and stole two iPhones and an iPad, together worth $1,697. When police responded in the morning, the victim had been tracking the phones with the “Find My iPhone” application on the phones, and had tracked them to the 3400 block E. Lombard St. Police reported there with the victim and found a suspect carrying the iPad under his arm. When the searched the suspect they found the two iPhones in his front pocket. The phones and iPad were returned to their owner and the suspect was arrested and taken to the district for questioning.
5500 block O’Donnell St., Saturday, May 4, 12:57 a.m.: Police on routine patrol spotted a man in the parking lot of the truck plaza. When he saw the police, he took off running. Police pursued him into a nearby graveyard, found him hiding between tombstones and arrested him. They found that he had used a cinderblock to shatter the window of a car rental company at the truck plaza but apparently did not get into the office, since nothing was stolen.
400 block S. Patterson Park Ave., Tuesday-Wednesday, May 1-2: Someone broke into a building under rehab by breaking the window in a third-floor door, and once inside went to the first floor and stole a DeWalt table saw, DeWalt 18-volt cordless drill, two DeWalt Sawzalls, a Porter Cable air compressor and a Ridgid orbital sander, together worth $968. The suspect had apparently climbed the fire escape to the third floor.
100 block N. Clinton St., Tuesday, May 1, 2:01 a.m.: A woman awoke to the sound of glass breaking, and moments later found a man upstairs in the house. She yelled “Someone in the house!” and the suspect ran back out the back door. The suspect had attempted to steal the stereo and television as well as a scooter.

6100 block Holabird Ave., Saturday, May 5, 4:30 a.m.: A man ordered a chicken box at a convenience store and the clerk prepared it and handed it to him, then turned his back. When the clerk turned around again the chicken box was nowhere in sight, and the customer was saying “where’s my chicken!” The customer left the store, with the chicken presumably hidden somewhere in his clothing.
1700 block Poncabird Pass, Thursday, April 25: An anonymous tip led to the arrest of a man who was allegedly stealing dumpsters of scrap metal, including lampposts, traffic signals and yellow pedestrian signals, then transporting the scrap to a Northwest Baltimore recycling company for cash payment. The receiving agent for the recycling company told police he had “inherited” the account and had been told to pay the suspect in cash at a nearby convenience store. The investigation continues.
600 block Bradford St., Thursday, May 3: A man told police that a diamond ring worth $6,000 had been stolen from a dresser drawer in his home. He accused his ex-girlfriend, who was moving from the house because of a breakup, of the theft, or the moving company that was taking her property from the house. She in turn told police that the complainant was having financial problems and accused him of filing a false report.

This week’s Neighborhood Watch was compiled by Jacqueline Watts and Eve G. Gillison.

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