Southeast Real Estate Transfers

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Note: This week’s compilation doesn’t include January 9 transfers listed in last week’s Baltimore Guide.
January 9, 2013
102 N. Decker Ave.; $169,900; Empire Property Management LLC to Victoria Nation
520 N. Rose St.; $0; Khadila Saka to Forbes Property Management LLC

January 10, 2013
1029 S. Clinton St.; $494,000; Bonita Rodriguez to Brandon Johns
2910 Dillon St.; $390,000; D Carey Development LLC to Jennifer Lynne Barron
103 S. Durham St.; $179,900; Chesapeake Investment LLC to Sashka Mannion
3025 Eastern Ave.; $294,100; Nicholas Scarnati to Mark Talty
1429 E. Fayette St.; $505,000; Barbara Apolonio to Mahal LLC
1431 E. Fayette St.; $505,000; Barbara Apolonio to Mahal LLC
1437 E. Fayette St.; $505,000; Barbara Apolonio to Mahal LLC
1439 E. Fayette St.; $505,000; Barbara Apolonio to Mahal LLC
2115 Fleet St.; $191,500; Stephen Wakefield to John Capps
732 S. Luzerne Ave.; $324,900; William Bonolis to Peter Manzella
119 N. Milton Ave.; $242,500; Lindsey Stevens to Scott Berkheimer
2101 Orleans St.; $24,000; GN Property Group LLC to B59 LLC
802 S. Potomac St.; $120,000; Francis Creamer to Donovan Development Group LLC
2110 E. Pratt St.; $201,000; Joanne Mott to 101 Geneva LLC
1729 Aliceanna St.; $719,894; School House Properties LLC to J Duncan Smith

January 11, 2013
418 N. Bouldin St.; $500,000; EMC Power Solutions Inc to EMC Power Solutions LLC
630 S. Eaton St.; $86,000; Bob Honaker to Kaine Investments LLC
2229 E. Fayette St.; $122,610; Bruno Grella-Mpoko to M $ T Bank
421 Gusryan St.; $75,000; Mark Allis to Daniel Rahayel
13 N. Kresson St.; $9,900; Kona Properties to Remigio Construction LLC
2627 E. Monument St.; $6,000; Gerald Whoolery Jr to PPJJ LLC

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