The season for some ideas…

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Some odds and ends for consideration:

LIGHTING UP THE TOWN-The Christmas tree in Fells Point is only one of the attractions this weekend. Shopping local has its perks, and the holiday season is one of the best times to do it. Local Main Streets include Highlandtown, Fells Point and Federal Hill will all be holding special events designed to bring in the tourists and shoppers throughout the festive and fun times in December. File photo by Anna Santana

  • Holiday shoppers, cast off your chains! Do yourselves, your friends and your community a favor and shop local. Take a stroll along Eastern Avenue or Light Street or Fort Avenue or O’Donnell Street and take a look at all the shops with really great gifts in them.

    Think about it. Would the friends on your list prefer some mass-produced gizmo from China by way of Bentonville, Ark., or a nice unique gift from a local store?

    You can consider more than gift shops too. How about a little pampering at a salon or barbershop? Or gourmet food, a bottle of good booze, a gift certificate to a nice restaurant? How about a few hours of a handyman’s time to clean the gutters and make the third stair stop squeaking?

    By shopping in locally owned shops, you are making your money work in your community. What could be better, and what could be more in the spirit of the holidays?

  • Now that the citizens of Baltimore have moved on from the 1984 Colts, can we please forget about the 1983 Orioles?

    I mean, seriously, reverting to the cartoon Oriole bird is one thing. But going back to the ferociously ugly black cap with the white front is just plain wrongheaded. It won’t make the Orioles win a single game–it will just make them look stupid while they’re losing. What’s next, a return to the polyester jammies the ‘83 O’s wore? Why not bring Hank Peters back? Maybe Mike Boddicker can pitch a few innings!

    Mr. Angelos, please dump all the Birdland nostalgia nonsense and allow your front office to build a winning team for once. Stop insulting your fans with this tomfoolery.

    Oh, and happy holidays, Pete. That’s more than you are offering Oriole fans so far in this hot stove season.

  • Going holiday shopping? Think about doing your shopping in short sessions and taking the goods into your house frequently. Larcenies from auto are already increasing, and there will be hundreds more before the season’s over.

    Most of the time—yes, we are blaming the victim here—the car is broken into because something of value is left in plain sight in the interior of the car. It doesn’t have to be something of great value either.

    Junkies have broken into cars for loose change, so don’t think that you can get by with leaving the cheap sunglasses on the dash or the phone charger plugged in.

    Those things might be cheap and easily replaceable, but the window the thief breaks on his way into the car to steal the charger and sunglasses is not.

    There is a thief working the Fells Prospect and Douglass Place neighborhoods. There are always thieves working Canton, Federal Hill and Fells Point. Put your stuff in the trunk. It would be nice if we could leave things on the seat of the car, but I remember as a young kid my mother would bug me to put things under the seat when we left the car—and it was a 1963 Chevy Bel Air. Larceny from Auto is not a new thing.

by Jacqueline Watts

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