Three-sport athlete looks to college and beyond

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Angelina Matute is a natural athlete.

As a sophomore she was told to pick up soccer to help with her conditioning for her main sport, swimming. Now that she’s a junior, Matute is one of the key players for the Digital Harbor girls soccer team.

Three-season athlete Angelina Manute has plans to take college courses next year while completing her senior year at Digital Harbor. Photo by Jason Butt

However, she says her success on the soccer field hasn’t come easy. A lot of hard work and extra hours have gone in to hone her skills in a little over a year.

“When I first started I used to trip over the grass or over my own two feet,” Matute said with a smile. “To get where I am I definitely thank my coach because she stays a half hour after practice, maybe an hour, just to work on extra stuff. It took me time. I couldn’t just work on stuff at practice. I had to work on my own.”

Matute is a three-sport athlete at Digital Harbor, participating in soccer, swimming and softball. Athletic director Lisa Martin, who coaches the soccer and softball teams, said Matute is a student of each game, always striving to get better when she can.

“She’ll turn on a game on the weekend and learn something,” Martin said. “She’ll rent a video of skills and say, ‘Oh coach, I want to learn that, how do I do that?’ She’s very enthusiastic about learning any part of the game that can make her better. That’s on the field and in life. Anything she can improve on she strives to do.”

In soccer, she’s a midfielder, which helps with attacking on offense and with defending when the opposing team is pressing to score. Her favorite soccer player is Abby Wambach of the U.S. National Team, who she began following during the Women’s World Cup this past summer.

Wambach’s known for her skill in heading the ball. Before following Wambach during the U.S. team’s World Cup run, Matute admitted she was a little timid when it came to heading a soccer ball—primarily because she wears glasses on the field. But if Wambach can do it, so can she.

“When I would head the ball I used to be so scared, with the glasses and all,” Matute said. “But I just go for it now.”

Matute also excels in the classroom, taking AP Psychology and honors classes. Next year, she will joint enroll with the University of Baltimore so that she can earn college credit as a high school senior. She already has the goal of going to college so she can one day become a pediatrician.

“I see how hard my mom struggles and I know we don’t have money, so if I get my classes now it’s less money in college,” Matute said. “And colleges want to see you go the extra mile if you want to get a scholarship.”

Martin said Matute’s academic success translates to the athletic arena.

“Those are the type of kids you want on your team,” Martin said. “You know they want to learn, they want to improve. They do good things. This summer, she went to a student leadership conference, just to improve her leadership skills. She’s a great all-around kid.”

by Jason Butt

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  1. Skye October 19, 2011 at 9:17 pm · Reply

    Go baby sis!!!! So proud!!!

  2. Christina October 17, 2011 at 7:36 am · Reply


  3. Jennifer ya cousin October 16, 2011 at 6:21 am · Reply

    Last time i seen you, you were 5 lol but even then i knew you were a smart child an seeing this makes my heart warm keep up the good work Uncle Don says hi an he loves ya much love from me an my Brother. ^_^

  4. aunt dago and gmom October 15, 2011 at 9:49 pm · Reply

    we are very poud of you you was always a smart girl knowing what you wanting out of life keep reaching for your goal and you will get it we are soso pound of you in all the sports you play you are the best just keep in your mind you can do what you want and go all the wat we love you aunt dago sharad grand mom and kids we are pond of you

  5. mandy October 15, 2011 at 7:58 pm · Reply

    good job girl, I know you will go far in life!!

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  7. michael jackson October 15, 2011 at 2:21 pm · Reply

    im proud of all my nieces and nephews because they strive to be at their best!….love from southern calif..uncle mike

  8. Kerry October 15, 2011 at 12:50 pm · Reply

    We are so proud of you Angelina!

  9. margie October 15, 2011 at 11:08 am · Reply

    This is a very wise and talented young lady!! To be a junior, and to believe the way shes does and also taking action she knows she must have to better her future..very wise, i know her family has to be very proud of her.! She is a great roll model, to share with others the knowledge they need to keep themselves on the right path for the future!! Students like her are rare but ,they are out there and they are the students who should have a free college education.!! This young lady does BELIEVE IN HERSELF…so many of us do too..We know she will reach for the stars and grab the universe :) ! So proud of you ang !!

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