To the Editor: July 23, 2014

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Unhappy with a community organization vote? Go to a meeting

To the Editor:

I would like to go on the record with this statement on Councilman Jim Kraft’s request for information from the community organizations.

(“Kraft’s request for information gets some pushback,” July 16 edition.)

First, if the councilman and his staff want to know where to direct residents, they could’ve just asked for our boundaries, along with a contact person, and meeting dates.

My second point is addressed to those who contact Councilman Kraft’s office because they disagree with positions taken by community groups. I have seen some of the comments on Facebook, and have been told about some on Nextdoor.

Many of those comments are made by individuals who don’t know the facts, and those opinions are based largely on assumptions.

As president of a community organization, I  review  the Liquor Board files, look at floor plans, business plans, check with Zoning about zoning matters, and have become familiar with Article 2B, the law that governs liquor issues statewide. I have been to Annapolis to prevent a proposed bill, I meet with our elected officials, and I worked with a committee to submit suggestions for the Liquor Reform bill.

I share all of this information with my members who take the time to come out of their homes for a meeting because I think it’s important for them to make informed choices.

I invite all of the people who are unhappy with our decisions to go to the Liquor Board office on Baltimore Street and ask to see the file for any case coming before the Liquor Board–it’s a matter of public record and anyone can look at these files. The same is true for the BMZA files. If you want to keep up on Liquor Board issues, google “Baltimore City Liquor Board” and open the hearings and transfers lists. Get the facts. It’s very simple.

Lastly, we’re not all going to agree all of the time about our vision for our neighborhood. But, please, get involved in some way! If you can’t get out to meetings, or aren’t a “joiner,” then at least get the facts before you trash those of us who work hard to get the facts to our members, and are motivated by what we see as being the greater good of the neighborhood.

Joanne Masopust
President, Fell’s Point Community Organization

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