To the Editor – July 30, 2014

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Kraft responds quickly

To the Editor:

This is in regards to a letter written by a community association president in last week’s paper.

(“Unhappy with a community organization vote? Go to a meeting,” July 23.)

I think Jim Kraft has been a good councilperson.

I have found his office responds quickly to all concerns. He cannot attend all community association meetings.

It is most unreasonable to expect such.

Denny Olver,


Get off your duffs

To the Editor:

When Councilman Kraft’s office is contacted with 20 emails from people who don’t bother to attend their communities’ meetings, and then another 100 on Facebook, because they don’t agree with what voting members of the community associations decided, then Kraft’s office merely needs to ask them where they live and direct them to that community’s meetings.

Most of the associations have websites that give the dates, times and places of their meetings, and all these people need to do is take themselves there. They may have to go directly from work, or have their dinners later, but not even making an attempt to participate and have their voices heard is inexcusable.

The board members of these community groups work tirelessly and voluntarily, without pay, to bring relevant and important issues before their members. Jim Kraft should encourage his callers to go to their community meetings, listen, ask questions, and speak up and vote when a vote is called for. He doesn’t have to know the community associations’ by-laws and memberships to do so.

The six people who show up at the meeting trump the 120 whiners who don’t bother to get off their duffs and be a real part of their communities, and Jim and his assistants could better serve us all by emphasizing the importance of participating in community associations and leaving the comforts of home to become actively involved.

There wouldn’t be so much “contradiction” on issues if this happened. If one’s “stance” is voted against at a meeting, then that is most likely an indicator of how the “community” sees the issue. There is power in numbers.

Kathleen Heller
Member, Fell’s Point Community Organization

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