To the Editor – March 19, 2014

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Coffee Anyone?

To the Editor:

I doubt I am the only lifelong liberal reader of the Guide who found Roland Moskal’s letter and column offensive.

He seems to suffer from a very severe illness known as contempt prior to investigation.

He does not seem to like coffee shops or the new people who live in his community. Maybe if he spent some time in one, as I have every morning for the last 10 years, he would get to know some of the people there.

As to the bars that are gone—I used to drink in some of them. I remember bars where the N-word was OK.

Perhaps he knows something I do not. Hence, I invite him to join me in a cup of coffee some morn.

Denny Olver

Editor’s note: If Mr. Moskal reads this letter and would like to take Mr. Olver up on his invitation, we can supply contact information.

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