To the Editor – May 7, 2014

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Hammen brings revitalization to Southeast

To the Editor,

Delegate Hammen was unduly modest about his accomplishments in 2013 in last week’s article.

His intelligent and effective approach to community development issues in his district has yielded a significant new pot of state community development dollars that may allow community revitalization in areas heretofore untouched by the renaissance of Southeast Baltimore. Last year, with a handful of other Baltimore legislators, he championed a new pilot project called the Baltimore Regional Neighborhood Initiative (BRNI) which has brought significant new community development resources to groups like the Southeast Community Development Corp.

The Southeast CDC has been fortunate over the years to have the wisdom of our Chair, retired Delegate Carolyn Krysiak, guiding us. Now we’re seeing real financial support from the State of Maryland through Delegate Hammen’s work, as well as from our newer representatives from the 46th District, Bill Ferguson and Luke Clippinger, that will allow us to expand our impact on the communities of Southeast Baltimore.

Chris Ryer
President, Southeast CDC

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