Traffic-calming improvements planned for Kane Street

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Since the formation of the organization back in 1990, the Bayview Community Association has been working to make traffic improvements to Kane St. to control the truck traffic that regularly rumbles by the homes, causing property-damaging vibrations.

Some traffic calming measures were installed a few years ago, with the addition of bump outs that have provided parking for the residents of Kane St. a turning lane was also striped to help provide easy entry and exiting from the Anchor Square Shopping Center.

Although these measures have assisted with slowing down the traffic, it is still a dangerous avenue for pedestrians to cross the street.

Many senior citizens from Our Lady of Fatima Senior Housing and Patterson High SChool students, who regularly patronize the shopping center, take their lives into their hands when crossing. These concerns were shared with Council President Jack Young’s office during our Sept. 2011 community meeting. Young’s assistant, Cailin McGough, regularly followed up with the city’s Department of Transportation, with some notable results.

The Department of Transportation conducted a traffic study and decided that the best alternative for the city was to install a crosswalk at Kane St. and E. Pratt St., along with concrete medians to discourage drivers from using the turning lane for the shopping center as an extra lane for commuter use. Trees will also be planted in the medians as an additional traffic calming measure. The construction of these improvements is scheduled to begin sometime this fall.

We will continue to work with Manekin, the owners of the shopping center, to make good on their promise to install a traffic signal on Kane St.

The Bayview Community also wishes to extend our thanks to Cailin McGough for her continued follow-up on this important safety issue for our neighborhood.

This article and drawing first appeared in “The Bayview Community News,” the publication of the Bayview  Community Association.

by Elaine Welkie

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