Undocumented? No. Illegal.

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An immigrant from Ghana waits to take the citizenship oath during a Flag Day naturalization ceremony at Fort McHenry. Photo by Bill Lear

Editor, The Guide:

The Dream Act is merely an appendage of a Maryland nightmare. The legal taxpayers of Maryland are already paying over a billion yearly to support the tens of thousands of illegal aliens—no, not “undocumented residents.”

Since when did “race or religion” enter into the picture for those objecting to illegal aliens? The Maryland budget shortfall is almost identical to the cost of supporting all those illegal aliens! Yet, we’re seeing increases in “fees” (called taxes under Ehrlich); increases in gas; increases in tolls.

Yes, my Polish grandparents came here from another land. But what did Maryland do for them and their familes? Diddley squat!

“Uninvited?” Editor, an open door is an invitation. They had to endure physicals; records were made of their entrance; actual counts were made of those coming through that open door.

We cannot deport the illegal aliens? President Truman did. President Eisenhower did. Both deported “Mexican nationals” in order that there would be more jobs available for our veterans of WWII and the Korean War. Next time you see an article of our current veterans being jobless, think about that!

To speak of the parents of these illegal alien parents “paying taxes” is totally absurd because it is illegal to hire illegal aliens. If these illegal alien students manage to get through college, at legal taxpayers’ expense, who will hire them? Will your paper?

As an Army widow, I refuse to be “ashamed” for opposing illegal aliens in my state. My late Army hero husband was wounded behind enemy lines at Anzio. He was a prisoner of war of the Nazis for 14 months. He weighed 85 pounds when freed. After recovering he made the Army his career and his last tour was was in Vietnam where he survived a helicopter crash. Yet, his widow cannot go into a polling booth without knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that her vote is being canceled out by an illegal alien. My husband is no longer here for you to face him and tell him his wife’s vote does not matter. Is that what my husband shed his blood for?

Loretta J. Willits
Graceland Park

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  1. casimir oleszczuk June 27, 2011 at 12:13 pm · Reply

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