Voltage Nightclub likely to scrap appeal, close permanently

“Voltage Nightclub has been a pain since it opened,” Lt. William Colburn told residents at the Southeast District Police Community Relations Council meeting Monday night. “I got word as of last night it will be closed permanently.”

Colburn said that the liquor license would be sold by Voltage’s owners and could not be used again at 5625 O’Donnell St., where Voltage is currently located.

“The owner sent me message and did want me to apologize for him to anyone for any disturbances or inconveniences,” Colburn added.

Liquor Board Chair Stephan Fogleman confirmed that Voltage, owned by Louis Principio III, had approached the board with an offer: reconsider the revocation of its liquor license, and Voltage would then sell the license and close, rather than remain open and hope for the reinstatement of its license following the appeal.

“The point here is to have this operation cease,” said Fogleman. “Our job is dealing with public safety, and that’s what the goal has always been.”

Officially, no decision has been made.

“The board has not ruled on the reconsideration request at this time,” said Fogleman.

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