Waterfront property sold in Canton

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Auctioneer Dan Billig completes the sale with the mystery man who bought the 0.3-acre pier in Canton. The man, a representative of 101 Geneva LLC, did not give his name.

A 0.316-acre piece of waterfront property, located off Boston St. behind the Anchorage Townhomes, has sold at auction for $62,000.

The peninsular property is a concrete and asphalt pier that fronts about 125 feet of the Canton promenade. It extends roughly 250 feet out into the water.

“I can’t think of anything else along the Inner Harbor that’s like this,” auctioneer Dan Billig told bidders at the Dec. 20 auction. “One day you’re going to say to yourselves, ‘I could’ve owned the piece of Baltimore’s harbor with water on three sides.’”

The official buyer was 101 Geneva LLC, a Maryland-based firm that has bought and re-sold a number of foreclosed residential homes. The man who bid for the company, the sole representative of 101 Geneva LLC present, declined to identify himself.

Following the auction, members of the Anchorage Homeowners Association, who live in the townhomes just across the promenade from the property, asked the buyer about his plans for the pier.

“Party every weekend,” he replied, clearly joking. He added that his plans are unknown at this point.

“We’ve had so many people try to build on that thing—there’s just no access,” said Susan Quebbeman, president of the Anchorage HOA. “The marina won’t let them go through the water, and we won’t let them go through our property.”

She added that water service can only be brought to the pier by tapping into the Anchorage’s water system.

Jim Ruscoe, manager of the Anchorage Marina, said that he had been trying to convince members of the marina to buy the property.

“Trying to get 500 people to do something…” he commented.

Ruscoe said that the property has been the site of some incidences of violence over the years.

Quebbeman said that waterfront developer Lou Grasmick had owned the pier during the Anchorage Townhomes’ construction.

“If he couldn’t do anything with it, I don’t know who else can,” she said.

by Erik Zygmont

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