Woman assaulted near S. Chester and Gough sts.; bar argument leads to robbery

S. Chester St., 200 block, Jan. 19, 8 p.m. the victim said that she was walking in the block when she was struck in the back of the neck and knocked to the ground. She said that she was held down by a male suspect’s foot. A suspect then grabbed her purse and dumped the contents on her head. The suspects fled; no property was taken.
Claremont Ave., 3700 block, Jan. 20, 9:18 p.m. The victim said that while he was in the block, a male suspect approached, placed a gun to his stomach, and said, “Money, money, give me money.”The suspect then reached into the victim’s pocket and removed his property before fleeing.
S. Eden St., 300 block, Jan. 20, 6:32 p.m. The victim said that she had just parked her car and was trying to get her toddlers out when two male suspects approached, with knives in their hands, and held her against the car. A third male then grabbed her purse and keys. The keys fell to the ground in the struggle; the suspects fled with her purse.
Pulaski Hwy., 3000 block, Jan. 21, 8:15 a.m. The victim said she was walking home when the suspect approached her with a gun in his hand, pushed her into a garage, and told her to “Sit down and give me your money.” She told him she didn’t have any; he demanded her phone. She handed it over and yelled “Help.” He fled.
N. Ellwood Ave., 200 block, Jan. 22, 11:47 a.m. The victim said he was approached by three men in their 20s. One produced a rusty black revolver and ordered him to “Kick it out yo.” The suspects took his car keys, phone, and $30 in currency. They walked away, took the money from his wallet, and put the wallet in a mailbox.
President St., 600 block, Jan. 22, 7:55 p.m. The victim said she was walking on the block when three male juveniles approached. One struck her, and she dropped her phone. When she tried to pick it up, they kept pushing her until she was on the ground. Security observed the incident and chased the suspects. One suspect was caught by security, another was caught by a police officer, and the third was lost in Perkins Homes.
E. Baltimore St., 2800 block, Jan. 23, 10:56 p.m. The victim said he was walking home when three men in their early 20s asked him for a cigarette. He ignored them and continued on his way when they approached. One of them produced a handgun and told him to “kick it out.” They took his wallet and cell phone from his pockets and fled.
S. Exeter St., unit block, Jan. 24, 10:45 p.m. According to the report, the victim and her boyfriend had been at a Fell’s Point bar when they got into an argument about his drinking. They left separately and arrived home at different times. She told him he had 24 hours to move out, and he started packing. She then demanded $150 for rent, and went into his wallet and took it. The report is cut off here; she was arrested.

Fleet St., 1000 block, Jan. 19, 6 p.m. An unknown suspect kicked in the front door to the building while the owner was at dinner. When she returned, she found property moved around and an unrecognized black jacket hanging on a chair. The jacket was submitted to ECU. Initially, no property was reported missing. A neighbor observed a man in a black jacket kicking in the door and entering.
Boston St., 2300 block, Jan. 20, 3:05 a.m. Officers responded to a call for a burglary in progress. While talking to the complainant, who said that someone had set off the front door alarm, the officers noticed a man lying in the bushes, unable to move to injuries apparently sustained from jumping off the roof. He was arrested. No property was taken.
S. Kresson St., unit block, Jan. 20, 3 p.m. An unknown suspect entered via the front window and proceeded upstairs, and kicked in the complainant’s bedroom door. Taken from the dwelling was a 60-inch flat screen TV, a Kindle Fire, and a laptop. The window was left cracked open by the suspect, and the victim noticed it when she got home.
Hudson St., 3400 block, Jan. 20, 6:30 p.m. An unknown suspect entered the vacant, under-renovation house and took a ladder and tools from the living room area. There were no signs of forced entry; it is unknown how the suspect made entry.
Eastern Ave., 3200 block, Jan. 21, 5 p.m. The victim returned to the property to find the front door locked; however, glass in the lower corner of the door was shattered and removed, and pry marks were found.
E. Lombard St., 3800 block, Jan. 23, 3:50 a.m. Police responded to an alarm call and found that the front door had been pried open. The owner responded and advised that a large quantity of cigarettes was taken from the location. Security cameras at the location shows four males drive up, pry open the front door, enter, remove property and flee the scene.
O’Donnell St., 3100 block, Jan. 23, 10 a.m. A woman said that she came home from work to find the back kitchen door damaged and opened by unknowns, who had removed various jewelry items and fled the scene.
Fleet St., 1000 block, Jan. 23, 3:34 p.m. An employee of the drug store across the street noticed a man enter the side storage room door of the grocery store across the street, take firewood, put it in a shopping cart, and flee. Officers made contact with security, who pulled up video footage of the incident. It is unknown how much wood was taken; the video did not give a good look at the suspect. The door was unlocked.
Eastern Ave., 6200 block, Jan. 23, 10 p.m. The suspect broke the side window to the business, made entry, and took $35 from the register as well as money from the tip jar. There were no security cameras at the business.
E. Fairmount Ave., 3200 block, Jan. 25, 1:30 a.m. An unknown suspect used a brick to break the front basement window and gain entry to the vacant property. The suspect was cut in the process, as blood was found on the railing inside the house. Taken was an electric stapler, top cutter, chisel, road runner and three extension cords.
S. Highland Ave., 800 block, Jan. 25, 4 p.m. An unknown suspect took the look box to the vacant property, removed the key, and entered through the back door. Once inside, the suspect took a large amount of tools belonging to the contractor, as well as appliances belonging to the property owner. Taken was a microwave, faucets and an expansion tank.
Thames St., 1600 block, Jan. 25, 7 p.m. A sales associate at the business reported  for work and found damage to the front door. The frame was damaged as if someone tried to force the door; there were no pry marks. No entry was made, no property was taken, and the business’ alarm did not go off.

Aggravated Assault
S. Montford Ave., 700 block, Jan. 19, 1:23 a.m. A bartender at the location, saw the suspect slap his girlfriend in the face. The bartender threw a rubber mat at him and told him to stop. The suspect then yelled at the woman. He left and returned with a cinder block, which he threw at the woman, striking her in the face. He fled. The victim was transported to the hospital; a warrant was obtained for the suspect.
E. Fayette St., 2900 block, Jan. 19, 1:50 p.m. The victim’s mother asked her to rub her feet. When she refused, her mother ordered her to go to her room in the basement, and she was locked in from the outside. When the victim banged on the door to try to get out, her mother came in and began hitting her with a hula hoop, causing a laceration to her head that required a stitch. The victim got away and called police. Officers made a forced entry into the house due to other siblings being home. The mother was arrested; the victim was taken to the hospital. Child Protective Services responded.
S. Caroline St., 300 block, Jan. 21, 4:59 p.m. The victim reported that he was getting his belongings when the suspect flattened his vehicle’s tires with a knife. When he tried to stop her, she reportedly swung the knife at him and threatened him. She was arrested.
Eastern Ave., 4400 block, Jan. 24. 12:30 a.m. The victim advised that he got into a fight with another man at the bar. The suspect pulled out a knife and hit the victim in the head with it. As officers arrived, the victim pointed out a car speeding away and advised that it was the suspect. The victim needed 10 staples to close the wound; an area canvass for the suspect was negative.
S. Newkirk St., 400 block, Jan. 25, 2:40 a.m. The victim and suspect were arguing when the suspect pushed the victim. The victim had been holding on to a glass door, which broke as he fell. The shattering glass caused a serious laceration to the victim’s arm. The suspect fled; the victim was taken to the hospital. A warrant was issued.

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