Wouldn’t it be nice if…

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Wouldn’t it be great if everyone would:

– Take their shopping cart back to the store entrance

– Actually come to a full stop at stop signs

– Slow down while driving in the neighborhoods

– Hang up their hand-helds while walking – so to greet others

– Hang up their hand-helds while strolling their children and focus on them only

– Hang up their hand-helds while driving

– Let you go first

– Use turn signals so pedestrians as well as others know where you are going

– Always act like they care about others

– Support neighborhood churches with their attendance

– Plant more trees

– Pick up trash in front of their home and that of the elderly

– Don’t tailgate

– Put water in your birdbath

– Pray for our troops and volunteers, firemen and police who are preserving our freedom and safety.

– Continue these things until Christmas and after make them New Years resolutions.

Bannon Kenley

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