Youngster raises big money for recreation, kidney research

Jake is happily exhausted after his 1.4-mile swim. Here he is with his sister Sarah Idzi, left, holding his new niece Layla, his brother John Pidjanowski, his father Andrew Rusnak, and his mother Lori Rusnak. - Photo courtesy of Andrew Rusnak

A few weeks ago, the Guide reported that seven-year-old Jake Rusnak, a Dundalk resident and student at St. Casimir School in Canton, was attempting to swim 100 laps in the pool at the Y of Central Maryland’s Swim Center in Dundalk.

Jake’s father, Andrew Rusnak, reports that Jake did indeed complete the swim—1.4 miles total—in one hour, eight minutes, and seven seconds. He swam the first mile in 48 minutes, 34 seconds, a personal record.

Jake, who has one kidney, was accepting pledges for the feat. His success netted a total of $2,200, to be split down the middle between the Y of Central Maryland and the National Kidney Foundation of Maryland.

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