Youths steal phone from 12-year-old by Patterson dog park

According to a Baltimore City Police incident report, a group of youths stole a cell phone from a 12-year-old boy in Patterson Park on March 21.

The boy was walking in the park near the Patterson Park Dog Park, in the 200 Block of Linwood Ave., when, according to the report, four male youths approached him and asked to see his phone, an iPhone 5.

When the boy took the phone out of his pocket, the youths reportedly took it and ran south on Linwood Ave.

The report says police responded to the call at approximately 3:10 p.m., and a canvas of the area for the suspects was negative.

The victim described the youths as black, ages 13-15, wearing blue shirts and khaki pants. He did not know them. The reports state that the suspects used no force, and no assault occurred. The incident has been classified as a larceny.

by Danielle Sweeney

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