Langermann’s files for bankruptcy, blames financial loss on riots

Langermann’s restaurant in Canton at 2400 Boston Street filed for bankruptcy on Wednesday, May 20. Mark Lasker, a partner of the business, said that the recent riots and the following curfew have hit their finances hard. The building which operates in the Can Company will remain open but owes over a million dollars to its creditors, according to the bankruptcy filing. The debt they were in before was exacerbated by the unrest.

The curfew alledgely slowed Langermann’s business to a third of what it would normally generate. Customers are weary to return to Baltimore, said Dave McGill, another partner. He said there is still a perception of violence that is causing the slow-down.

McGill said that the restaurant will meet with creditors within the week to discuss their debt and how to refocus.

There are not any plans to close the business for good and they’re hoping to bounce back, get their customer base back, and pay back what they owe. Langermann’s had a second location in Federal Hill that has been closed since July of last year.

Langermann’s serves Southern cuisine, like a shrimp and grits and buttermilk biscuits,  and hosts a jazz brunch with musical performances that is a favorite among locals. After hearing the news of the financial struggle, many Canton residents are rallying to patronize and encourage others from out of town to visit Langermann’s.

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