Letters to the Editor: Ice Rink, Halloween, Highlandtown Block

Save the ice rink?

To the Editor,

I am writing to you because you because you had an article about the Ice Skating ring in Patterson Park. I am Dominic Mimi Di Pietro’s niece, and I am really upset because they are going to take down the Ice Skating rink that bears his name.

This is the only thing in Highlandtown that bears his name. After all the good things that he did for his neighborhood, I cannot believe that they are doing this to him. I know he has been gone for some time & the people who are in charge do not know how he helped his constituents and the neighborhood of East Baltimore. This is why I am calling on you for your help.

Can you please help me to do something to keep his name alive? This really upsetting to me and my family. There will never be anyone who will care about his community the way he did. He thought it was a privilege to serve it, and I don’t want his memory to be erased.

– Peachy Dixon

This letter was sent to the editor in response to the article “Masterplan decides future of Patterson Park” on October 28, 2015.

Halloween mischief

To the Editor,

In my youth, I would partake in Halloween Mischief. This would include throwing eggs at cars.

I did this as a teenager and when caught, I was punished by my parents.

In time, I would look to a great musician on my generation, Stevie Wonder, who would note, “You grow up and learn that kind of thing ain’t right, but when you was doing it sure was out of sight.”

Now I am observing other destructive behavior, not by teenagers but by adults who are destroying Halloween directions by my neighbors.

If you cannot listen to the blind giant of my generation, why not listen to the blonde genius of your own? In the immortal words of Taylor Swift, “Why you gotta be so mean?”

– Denny Olver

What Baltimore was meant to be

I really hope the Paolino family understands the unique treasure that is Highlandtown, which I am sure they do. I also really hope that this block is not sold to a buyer or developer that will ‘gentrify’ the area or turn it into the likes of Harbor East. Too many places and people in Baltimore are being out-priced and transforming the city in to something it never was and at its heart, doesn’t want be.

– Cody T.

This comment was posted on our website in response to the article “Entire Highlandtown block for sale” on October 21, 2015.

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