Man on the Street: The American Planning Association recently named Fell’s Point one of the “Top 10 Great Neighborhoods.”

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What’s so great about Fell’s Point?’


“I don’t come here enough. When I do, I see that it’s so cute. There’s such historic character, which is so nice in the city, as opposed to Harbor East, which is more modern and built up.” Leslie Spacek – Eden Apartments





“Fell’s Point is a perfect locatio to show off the city’s history. It shows off where the city has been and where it’s going. It has an eclectic mix of architecture and people and industries.” Jared Johnson – Charles Village





“Fells Point is only an hour away. We visit often.  It’s a nice change. We eat a couple of good meals, shop, stay at a B&B. It’s a mini vacation.” Jeff Shenk – Lancaster, Penn.





“It’s a fabulous neighborhood. I’ve lived and worked here for ten years. I love the general vibe. It’s much like New Orleans. It has been the home to prostitutes, sailors, and ne’er-do-wells for 250 years. It has the best vibe in the city, especially now that we can have outdoor seating–much to the chagrin of the Preservation Society. It’s been pivotal to the neighborhood taking off..” Richard Karoll – General Manager, Waterfront Hotel

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