MAN ON THE STREET: What is your favorite event in the Summer Games?

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 “I love tennis, because of how competitive it is. I like the Williams sisters. Serena just won her first gold!”

Deborah Jones, Federal Hill. Husband owns Real Deal Records. (left)

“I’m addicted to watching the Olympics. I watch from 8:00 to 12:30 p.m. My favorite sports to watch this year are swimming (you know why) and the long jump. It fascinates me that people can jump that distance. I try to put it in perspective. They can jump from my front door to the back of my house..”

Charles Seltzer, Federal Hill (right)

“Yes, I’ve been watching the Olympics… I’ve been watching a lot. Michael Phelps of course, but also paying attention to 100-meter sprinters.”

Jamison Hodges, Federal Hill (left)

“I love the swimming.  I like gymnastics, too, but I don’t know as many people in it. I also like hockey, because people play it where I was born.”

Saleem Jalal, owner of Ultimate Pizza, Federal Hill (right)

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