Man on the Street: What is your Thanksgiving tradition?

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Drink a lot of egg nog and eat a lot of turkey. And the pies, you know? Sweet potato pie!
Clarence Poole III, Parks & People





Pumpkin cheesecake! That’s his favorite, too.
Erin Rexroad, Parks & People, speaking for her brother William Lam Jr.





I more or less just sit back and retreat, and think about the next year coming.
William Lam Jr., Parks & People





Family and friends—to be with family and friends. Eat some nice dinner and be with loved ones.
Eric Davis, Parks & People,
Edmondson Village




I work at BOP every year. The restaurant is closed, but we do repairs and get ready for Friday. That’s my tradition.
Mike Beckner, owner, Brick Oven Pizza, Fell’s Point





Traditionally, I sleep in. I love Thanksgiving because it is a holiday about being with your family. It has no commercial component. Yes, I have a vested interest in selling a lot between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but Thanksgiving Day itself is special.
Nicholas Johnson, owner,  Su Casa, Fell’s Point

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