Man on the Street: What storm do you remember most?

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“I was eight months pregnant in the Blizzard of ‘82. There was thunder, lightning, high winds, six feet of snow, and snow drifts higher than that.” – Lorie Caricofe, Canton





“It was the blizzard of ‘96. My garage had three feet of snow against it. I remember snow the most, because I rent out cabins, and I have to remove it.” – Jason Miller, Fells Point





“I was climbing the rigging in pitch blackness. Everything was wet. You hold on for dear life and hope  that sail gets furled quicker.” – Neil Thompson, Highlandtown





“Four years ago, a tornado hit Dundalk. A tree fell in my yard. Only a fence post held it up, and it was two centimeters from my house. ” – Samantha Hensley, Dundalk

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