Man on the Street: What’s your prediction for the big game on Sunday?

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“Ravens by three. Once again, it’s going to be a tough game; New England’s a good team, and they play good at home. The key is don’t allow touchdowns if you end up in the red zone.”
Paul Rutter, Dundalk





“I think the Ravens are going to have their revenge. I think we’re going to beat them up there.”
Chris Cisneros, Canton





“The Ravens are going to win. We’re going to the Superbowl, and Ray Lewis is going to get his ring. It’s going to be perfect.”
Kristina Collins, Archbishop Borders teacher





We’re going to win; we’re going to beat Tom Brady. Ray Lewis is going to get a ring before he leaves. I think the team wants to win it so bad for him that nothing’s going to stop us.”
Kami Wolf, Canton





Ravens, 31-30, I guess because it’s going to be a tight game, you know? The Patriots are a difficult team to beat.”
Deandre Barrett, Friendship Academy student





“My prediction—the Ravens. The Ravens are hot; they’re playing good football. My prediction: the Ravens by 7. That’s what I predicted last time, too, but Peyton Manning is the best of the best.”
Julio Perez, Highlandtown

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