Martin O’ Malley announces presidential run

Former Maryland governor and Baltimore mayor Martin O’ Malley announced that he will run for president at a press conference on Saturday, May 30. The press conference took place at Federal Hill Park in Baltimore.

He said his campaign would be one that promotes economic equality for all people.

“For over 200 years we’ve been the architects of our own future. And now we must build anew today. All of us are included. Women and men. Black and white people,” he said. He spoke about the unrest in the city and how the violence stemmed from a system of poverty in under-privileged neighborhoods.

He used his “zero tolerance policing” to talk about his time as mayor and how this policy caused crime to drop.

In his speech, he also said he hopes to appeal to the more progressive side of the Democratic party. O’Malley and Bernie Sanders are the only ones that have come forward to challenge Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries.

“When you start off as potential candidate for president and your name recognition is low, you have to just go from county to county, from town to town and engage people in order to change that around,” O’Malley said, recognizing his position as an underdog, “I guess another way to say it is this: Look, it is not unusual for there to be an inevitable frontrunner early in a contest who has fantastic name recognition, and is therefore inevitable right up until he or she is no longer inevitable.”

A small group of protesters heckled O’Malley during his announcement, but otherwise the announcement was met with cheers by the supporters that gathered.

O’Malley was the governor of Maryland from 2007 until 2015 and the mayor of Baltimore from 1999 to 2007.

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