New restaurants offer falafel, barbecue

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Formerly Farmstead Shack, this koisk will be the new home of Falafelicious. | Photo by Gianna DeCarlo

Formerly Farmstead Shack, this koisk will be the new home of Falafelicious. | Photo by Gianna DeCarlo


A new restaurant specializing in falafel is opening soon in Canton Crossing at 3721 Boston St.

This small “kiosk” has been empty since the closing of Farmstead Shack, the more casual companion to Farmstead Grille.

Bill Irvin is the owner of Falafalicious and has previously worked at Manor Tavern, an American bistro in Monkton, Maryland.

“With demand for more health conscious, nutritious meals, people are starting to realize they have to care about what they eat. I am meeting that demand by offering a vegetarian focused menu with wholesome products that are good for you and taste great,” said Irvin.

Falafel is made of deep-fried chickpeas or fava beans. It’s usually completely vegan which is a type of food that isn’t well represented in the Southeast.

Irvin said they’ll serve hummus which will be vegan as well.

Falafelicious will only offer outdoor seating.

When asked about the winter months, Irvin said, “We will have heat lamps and fire pits to help keep you warm. Think of it like a ski lodge without the hot tubs.”

“After trying so many average falafel, I have decided to go head first into making the best falafel in Baltimore,” said Irvin on his Facebook page.

The falafel dishes can be accompanied by a pita bread, wrap, or salad base and a variety of sauces and fillings at a build-it-yourself ingredient bar.

Along with falafel, the restaurant will serve kabobs, gyros, and other authentic Indian dishes. They’ll also have a diverse menu of wines and beers.

Irvin said that he has a good amount of taste-testing to do, so bring your appetites.

Falafalicious is expected to be open in early September. For more information and updates, visit their Facebook page at

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que:

Another unique future hot spot opening up shortly is Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, a barbecue chain from Syracuse, New York. Their 10th and most Southern location will be at 1401 Fleet St. in Fell’s Point. It is slated to open in September, according to their website.

The restaurant is popular among New Yorkers. It’s known for it’s homemade spices, sauces, and rubs. Their menu features, naturally, barbecue, as well as Southern items with a quirky twist, like poutine with pulled pork and fried green tomatoes with homemade pimento cheese.

“This location will bring Dinosaur’s “Good Smoke” barbecue, local and regional craft beer and vibrant atmosphere to the Charm City when doors open later this year,” states the Dinosaur Bar-B-Que website.

The other locations are in New York, Connecticut, Chicago, and New York.

The new joint is also hiring, so if you’re a baron of barbecue and a sultan of smoke, visit their website at

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