Running out onto the field is not recommended

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In last week’s cover story, “Highlandtown 8-year-old steals hearts at Orioles game,” a layout error caused the omission of a crucial paragraph. That paragraph explained that young Alyssa Jefferson “stole” second base in a sanctioned event sponsored by ESSKAY meats. A youngster is chosen to steal second at every Orioles home game falling on Sunday.

Without that paragraph, some readers were led to believe that Alyssa simply ran out onto the field of play as over-excited fans sometimes do. This is not the case, and we wouldn’t celebrate such an action. The Baltimore Guide regrets the omission. The complete story is available on our Web site,

Also in last week’s issue, the headline for the other front-page article, “More building in East Baltimore: Butchers Hill,” would be more accurate if it had stated “More Building in East Baltimore: Washington Hill.”

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  1. Sandra December 11, 2015 at 10:03 pm ·

    todd is gay for ellsbury. i just can’t reisst my santo domingan heavy hitters. the game was rad. quality overall and i was actually impressed with how well the Os played. 13 fucking innings, man. i have five nice pictures of manny *not* hitting #500 though.

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