Should mass be timed?

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Letter to the Editor,

With regards to the article about St. Brigid’s last week, cannot believe that a person would time the priest saying Mass! To me, this is a total lack of respect! If younger people feel that 60 minutes is too long to praise God, shame on them! When they patronize the establishments of O’Donnell Square, do they limit it to 40 minutes?

Phyllis Gasiorowski

4 Comments on "Should mass be timed?"

  1. Donna R April 17, 2015 at 10:44 am ·

    If you cannot give an hour weekly to God, find a drive thru church. Too busy to thank Him for your blessings?
    Think if you were reduced to only one hour a week of enjoyment. Be thankful you have the freedom to go to the church of your choice. You’d not like the alternative.

    • Sean Little April 24, 2015 at 5:45 pm ·

      Again, 40 minutes a week in church is better than none. It has nothing to do with having the freedom to pick your church. In fact, that very premise means that every church is in competition with each other and need to perform at their best to attract people. You kinda shot your arguement in the foot there…
      The main reasons people are so jaded by church is the church’s inability to keep with the times and the judgemental attitude of people like Phyllis and yourself who constantly make people feel unwelcome because they cannot devote as much time or worship in the same manner. Wanna help fix the church? Look internally because half of the problem is your attitude.
      How do you know how much free time young people have each week and how they spend it? I work 3 jobs at close to 90 hours a week, when I am not working, I’m sleeping. I have been to church more recently than to any bar in the neighborhood. Sorry, I’m not retired and have all the free time I want.

  2. Sean Little April 3, 2015 at 9:20 pm ·

    Oh Dear Phyllis, Here is the translation of your message: “it’s my way or the highway, of you don’t like it don’t come to my church.” Do you ever think anyone new that saw your message would EVER show up at your church?
    Your judgmental Attitude is exactly why young people have become disinterested in the Catholic Church. Instead of focusing your energy towards discouraging Mr. Broughton’s attempts to assure that his church exists past your generation, why not focus your energy towards making young people feel welcomed in your church. Shame on YOU for thinking that your view of how religion should be practiced is the only correct way. I commend him for trying to pull people back into the church that otherwise might not come. People spending 40 mins in church a week is better than zero (& with your attitude that is exactly how much they will spend.) It’s sad when people don’t even realize they are the problem.
    The Catholic Church needs to change and adapt (like it has in the past) or it becomes useless and irrelevant. Do you know what happens to things when they become useless? They disappear.
    The only thing good you said was actually what you didn’t say, which is what church you attend. If you had, you NEED to realize that you would have a direct impact on possible new parishioners’ decision (not) to come to your church.
    Please, feel free to share this comment in the next edition of Baltimore Guide.

  3. Carl Rove April 3, 2015 at 11:25 am ·

    60 minutes is just too long, Phyllis

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