Spring cleaning events in Patterson Park

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Smashing piñatas with painted faces is one of many activities that will be offered at Día del Niño. | Photo by Andres Medina, courtesy of the Friends of Patterson Park

Smashing piñatas with painted faces is one of many activities that will be offered at Día
del Niño. | Photo by Andres Medina, courtesy of the Friends of Patterson Park

The Patterson Park Neighborhood Association held a meeting on Monday, April 14, to discuss the ways Patterson Park residents could get in the springtime spirit with upcoming events.

As spring comes into bloom, so does the desire to freshen up the neighborhood that has been suffocated by snow for so many months.
Steve Preston, the caretaker of the garden on the corner of Baltimore Street and Linwood Street, said he is looking for volunteers to tend to the garden on the second Tuesday of every month. As the daffodils come in, Preston said, the garden needs more intensive upkeep, especially when it comes to mulching and weeding.

If getting down and dirty isn’t your thing, you can still embrace the beautiful flora of spring with Bloom Your Block on May 16th at Library Square on the corner of Fayette Street and Kenwood Avenue. The first thirty people to sign up will get a free Bloom Your Block kit which has all the planting essentials.

“They help you plant flowers in a planter, and you get education of how to take care of them, if you need it,” said association president, Leigh Peterson.

Also happening in Library Square is a variety of improvements due to a $500,000 grant. The area is going to be getting more permanent seating and the lights that hang over the square will be fixed and relit. Peterson talked about the possibility of installing Zipcars there and a mobile food market is also in works.

On the topic of beautifying your neighborhood, Patterson Park Greening Coordinator Kim Wiggins spoke about the upcoming home tour on June 13. The tour will showcase the unique homes and gardens of the Patterson Park neighborhood.

“If there’s a house in the neighborhood that you always walk by and think ‘Man, I’d like to get into that house’  feel free to send me the address and I will have no problem knocking on their door and forcing them to be on the home tour,” she said with a laugh.

The meeting then turned to events centered around the Mayor’s Spring Clean-Up Day on April 25. The first clean-up event will take place on Saturday, April 18 at the northwest corner of the park. One incentive that will be offered to volunteers will be a voucher to reduce your water bill. In order for this to work, the event first has to get approved by the city.  Another clean-up on April 23 will focus on sprucing up the “pocket park” on Fayette and Potomac Streets.

April 25 will be the Rose Street Trash Day, which will utilize money the street was given to clean the 100 unit block of Rose Street.

The Pagoda at Patterson Park opens on Sunday, April 19. Mark Parker, pastor and newly announced candidate for 1st district councilman, first announced that the Park is in need of volunteers to lead tour groups around the Pagoda. He then reviewed the upcoming events happening at the Pagoda. The first was Dia del Niño or Day of the Child on April 26.

“It’s a fantastic event, a great family-orientated event. But even if you don’t have any little kids in your house, you should still stop by and enjoy the energy there,” said Parker. The event was a huge success last year, attracting over 2000 attendees.

The Dia del Niño event will host games and activities for little ones, including the popular piñata-breaking. The piñatas were made by a team of local mothers that worked for months constructing them.

Another event for the kids is Spring Into Art at the Patterson Park Public Charter School on April 18.

“Spring Into Art is an opportunity for neighbors and committee members to come together and celebrate our school, to purchase student-made and professional art that’s been donated,” said John Wesby, the development chair for the school.

A spokesperson then talked about the city’s C.O.P (Citizen on Patrol) Walks, which occur the fourth Wednesday of every month. The C.O.P. walks were created as a way for the community to walk the neighborhood while getting to know their neighbors and local officers. On these walks, participants are encouraged to share their concerns with the officer giving the tour. The association agreed that the turn-out for the walks has been low and encourages residents to join.

Jeff Amoros, community aide for Councilman Kraft, sent out a call for volunteers willing to coach the Little League team made up of local 4th and 5th graders that play at Patterson Park.

“You do not need to be good at coaching,” said Amoros, “you really just need to show up and have fun with the kids, get them going on the field and have a good time.”

For more information on all these events, contact the Patterson Park Neighborhood Association at www.pattersonparkneighbors.org or 410-497-PPNA (7762).


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