Spring soccer league seeking Sobo teens who want to go play inside

South Baltimore Youth Soccer League (SBYSL) is seeking kids who want to have fun, improve their skills and don’t want to have to worry about games being called on account of rain.

A co-ed spring indoor soccer league is in the works. The league will be made up of ages 14-18, with play starting April 15. All games will be played on Sundays at the Myers Soccer Pavilion in Curtis Bay.

According to Cindy Curley of SBYSL, the organization offered a highly successful indoor league for ages 5-18, but the concept of a warmer-weather league is new.

SBSL runs an indoor teen league this spring.

Since spring weather can be wet and unpredictable, an indoor league makes sense, according to Curley.

“We had 277 kids for winter league,” she notes. “For the spring, we knew there would be a lot of the younger kids who wanted to go off to baseball, and some of the high school kids are off to play other sports, but for those who are not, and who are still interested in soccer, we wanted to offer this.”

The league is hoping to have a minimum of 40 participants so that players can be grouped into four co-ed teams to play one another on a regular basis.

The per-student charge is still undetermined, but says Curley, “we are trying to keep it reasonable, maybe $30 or $40.”

Participants will need to supply their own shin guards and flat bottomed shoes. (Soccer-specific indoor shoes are sold at sporting goods stores, but plain old gym shoes will do just fine, says Curley; “as long as it’s anything that doesn’t have cleats.”)

The league is also welcoming volunteers who want to act as coaches, referees and others, since supervision is always needed. (Bonus point: having volunteer refs keeps the per-participant cost lower, since fees generally go toward the facility rental, T-shirts and referee costs).

About 18 players have signed up so far; Curley is hopeful the rest will sign up soon.

“It’s a nice opportunity,” she says, “to play soccer in the Myers Pavilion.”

Note: South Baltimore Youth Soccer league is forming a spring indoor co-ed league for ages 14-18. 40 players needed to start. All games start April 15 and will be played on Sundays, 1 p.m.-6 p.m. at Myers Soccer Pavilion in Curtis Bay. Info: Cindy Curley sbysl2005@gmail.com, 410-332-0085; Darlene Padgett darlene.r.padgett.if8f@statefarm.com, 410-332-0130, or wwwl.sbysl.com.

by Mary Helen Sprecher

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