St. Brigid Catholic Church update

St. Brigid Catholic Church, Canton. | Photo by Chris Broughton

St. Brigid Catholic Church, Canton. | Photo by Chris Broughton

The story “St. Brigid’s aims for more diverse and younger parishioners” in last week’s March 25th edition of the Baltimore Guide elicited much feedback.

The article discussed St. Brigid’s parish councilman Chris Broughton’s plans for the church. The most controversial point was an idea to shorten mass from the traditional 60 minutes to 40. As the Letter to the Editor shows, many churchgoers were against this idea, believing it was not the way a Catholic church should operate. They were concerned that the shorter mass would mean segments might be eliminated.

“I wish to have a liturgically correct mass and make it streamlined and efficient,” Broughton clarified.

In response, referencing St. Brigid’s resident Father Joseph Bochenek, the church said, “We want our masses to be efficient, but our father will never sacrifice the essence of the mass.”

Also in the story, Broughton stressed that the church needed to bring in younger parishioners and while the church agreed, they also made note of the already active younger members of St. Brigid that shouldn’t be ignored. St. Brigid has a youth outreach program and a number of young men and women becoming priests and nuns respectively.

And, on the issue of the Food Truck Rally the church said that while the diocese didn’t understand the concept at first, they were supportive of the idea when Broughton further explained it to them.

“We value all our people and we welcome input,” said the church.

The article stated that St. Brigid was unable to hold their carnival this year, but since press time it’s been announced that the annual event will be held in conjunction with the Food Truck Rally. Details are still pending.


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