The Baltimore Guide welcomes Lisa Nemec, account executive

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Photo by Erik Zygmont

The Baltimore Guide would like to introduce Lisa Nemec, account executive with the Guide since October.

“With an eye for detail, I like to bring a merchant’s new ideas to life, driving new clients to the business without breaking the bank,” Lisa says.

Over her 37 years, Lisa has lived in Charm City more than once.

“I was born in Baltimore, went to Pennsylvania for awhile, came back to Baltimore, went back to Pennsylvania, and now I’m back in Baltimore,” she explains.

The Baltimore Guide staff hopes she stays for awhile this time.

In addition to caring for her three boys and one girl, ages 7-17, Lisa has had an eclectic professional life. She worked for several years as a surgical technologist.

“You assist in surgery,” she says.

(But you don’t cut anything, right?)

“Oh no,” Lisa explains. “I was cutting, tying, suturing, and breaking.”

Publisher Ed Hoffman is glad that Lisa got into the newspaper business.

“We are very happy to have Lisa with us,” he says. “She is very enthusiastic about offering the Guide’s advertising services to new clients. She has demonstrated excellent customer service to new and established advertisiers. She approaches her customers with a sincere, pleasant and professional attitude toward developing long term relationships.”

Lisa sums up her non-work interests concisely:

“I love charitable work, and cheesecakes are my specialty.”

by Erik Zygmont

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