The Yellowed Pages: Guide news from May, 1987

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Governor Schaefer signed 300 bills into law. One bill allowed large retail businesses to open on Sundays in all Maryland counties except Washington, Allegany, and Wicomico counties. Another bill allowed for the creation of a new agency, the Department of the Environment, and yet another bill called for a five cent gas tax increase.

WBAL-TV conducted a survey of 607 Baltimore residents that showed that Baltimoreans overwhelmingly opposed the construction of two new stadiums in Camden Yards. According to political analysts, opposition was due either to love of Memorial Stadium or to the sentiment that construction of two new stadiums would be wasteful.

In an advise column called “Calling Colleen” a girl wrote in to say she was worried that her brother might dye his hair purple.

Colleen advised the girl to talk to her brother carefully and advise him against it, lest his rebellious dye job cause a rift in the family.

A boy sneaked into a man’s backyard and stole a bowl of water containing his pet goldfish. The author of the Southeastern District Crime Report wrote this announcement completely in fish puns. For example, “Mr. Logan knew something fishy was going on when he foundered that the eel haddocked out of the yard with a water-filled bowl containing his pet goldfish. Police are still trying to reel in the suspect.”

A survey shows that Americans feared AIDS almost as much as they feared cancer in 1987. According to the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta 35,219 people were diagnosed with AIDS as of 1987 and 20,352 died of the disease. The CDC estimated that 179,000 people would die of AIDS by 1991.

An advertisement showed a woman looking thoughtful and wearing an engagement ring. Above her picture it said “Some women choose their gynecologists more carefully than they choose their husbands”.

Surgeons at Johns Hopkins performed the first heart-lung transplant with a living donor. Clinton House of Middle River became the first ever living heart donor. House was suffering from cystic fibrosis and  received a heart-lung transplant. His original heart was unaffected, and was deemed a perfect match for John Couch, a man from Pennsylvania who needed a heart transplant in order to stay alive. Both surgeries were successful.

Oprah Winfrey gave a commencement speech at Tennessee State University and also graduated from the school. She said her father always told her that she would “never amount to anything without her college degree”. Winfrey (who was already a talk-show host at the time) said that “This is a special day for my dad”.

In the 1984 presidential election the turnout for female voters was higher than it was for male voters. The U.S. Census Bureau reported that 61 percent of eligible women voted and only 59 percent of eligible men voted.


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